Best Street Food in Amsterdam

Satisfying Spots in Amsterdam to Try Dutch Favorites

Sightseeing can be tiring. What better way to re-energize yourself than with a bit of snacking throughout the day? Amsterdam is brimming with plenty of places to stop along the way for a quick break, providing the perfect opportunity to try a few Dutch fast food favorites.

The Albert Cuypmarkt is one of the best places to try typical Dutch treats. As you stroll down the Albert Cuypstraat, be sure to make a few food pit stops. The Vlaardingse Haringhandel, a herring stand, is located near the Ferdinand Bolstraat. Herring season starts in the late spring, but the fish is available year round. In the heart of the market, you’ll pass by sweet waffles, powdered sugar poffertjes (tiny pancakes) and mouthwatering stroopwafels. You also have plenty of opportunities to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, olives, cheeses and meats. Near the Van Woustraat, you’ll find even more delicious snacks: Spanish churros, Vietnamese loempias and fries.

The FEBO, known for its hole-in-the-wall vending machine concept, is the best establishment to try a kroket or frikadel. Fry lovers will definitely want to visit Vleminckx or Manneken Pis. Ijscuypje rotates its products seasonally. In the summer months, Ijscuypje serves creamy, delicious ice cream, and in the wintertime, stamppot, a Dutch classic made with mashed potatoes and vegetables. There are even a few hot dog stands scattered throughout the city. Amsterdam is a foodie’s paradise. Eet smakelijk!




Wok to Walk is a great place if you're searching for something fresh and filling. The concept is simple. You first must decide whether you want noodles or rice. You can choose from egg noodles, whole-wheat noodles, rice noodles, Udon noodles, jasmine rice and whole-grain rice. Be sure to inform the staff if you have any dietary restrictions, such as a gluten intolerance or nut allergy. After, let the staff know what ingredients you'd like to add. Options include chicken, beef, duck, shrimp, calamari, pork, tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, pineapple, bamboo, pak choi, pepper, baby corn and cashews. Finally, select your sauce. According to Wok to Walk, there are at least 48,400 combinations. Once your order is ready (it doesn't take long at all), the food is neatly packaged in a little orange box, complete with eating utensils. You're set to go.

Recommended for Street Food because: Wok to Walk allows you to create your own wok dish. Your meal is ready in minutes.

Jessica's expert tip: When you place your order, inform the staff if you have any dietary restrictions, such as a gluten or nut allergy

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Ijscuypje serves two Dutch favorites, depending on the season. In the summer months, you can stop by for a big scoop of your favorite ice cream. Perhaps you love the classics, such as vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate or mocha. Maybe you're feeling a bit more adventurous and want to try something Dutch. Look for flavors like stroopwafel, drop (black licorice), speculaas (biscuit-like) and apple pie. For those that prefer sorbet, Ijscuypje offers a variety, including mango, lemon, strawberry and raspberry. In the winter, you can order a warm serving of stamppot. Stamppot is essentially mashed potatoes mixed together with one or two vegetables, such as carrots, endive or kale. There are 12 locations in Amsterdam, so you never have to travel far.

Recommended for Street Food because: Ijscuypje serves two Dutch favorites, depending on the season: ice cream in the summer and stamppot in the winter.

Jessica's expert tip: If you want to try something a bit more Dutch, look for flavors like stroopwafel, drop and apple pie

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The Dutch like their pancakes, but they may love their poffertjes even more. Poffertjes are tiny bite-sized pancakes covered with powdered sugar. Take a break from shopping at the Albert Cuypmarkt. Be sure to stop and enjoy these tasty creations. Watch them make the poffertjes, as the little pancakes mold into place. Your mouth will instantly water. With the first bite, you'll be in paradise. Slowly savor every last bite. These petite sweets are perfect as a mid-morning snack or afternoon dessert. They are especially nice on a crisp fall day or frosty winter afternoon. You may find yourself craving more.

Recommended for Street Food because: This stand makes delicious poffertjes. Plus, you get to watch as they make them.

Jessica's expert tip: Poffertjes are perfect for a brisk fall morning

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Doner kebabs are delicious any time of day: for lunch, dinner or as a late-night, post-drinking snack. The Dutch love to eat this food on the run because it is quick, affordable and easy to eat. Doner kebabs are Turkish, but this type of food is also known as shawarma (Arabic) or a gyro (Greek). Leeman Doner, located in De Pijp neighborhood, serves some of the best doner kebabs in Amsterdam. A doner only costs 2.50 EUR, while durum costs 3 EUR. Make your selection, and enjoy the savory, juicy meat and fresh, warm bread. You will find your craving instantly satisfied.

Recommended for Street Food because: Leeman Doner serves some of the best doner kebabs in Amsterdam.

Jessica's expert tip: A doner costs only 2.50 EUR

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Frens Haringhandel is a family-owned fish stand situated on the Koningsplein, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The business, which is owned and operated by the Frens family, has been around for quite a long time and has been in this location for more than 25 years. This little place serves some of the best herring in town. They sure know how to serve it up right, with pickles and onions. Therefore if you're looking for a good place to try this typical Dutch treat, or are searching for another quick fishy snack, head to Frens Haringhandel. The Frens family is ready to welcome you.

Recommended for Street Food because: This family-owned fish stand has been around for more than 25 years.

Jessica's expert tip: You can order the herring cut up or on a sandwich

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Old City Centre/New Side

Manneken Pis on the Damrak is famous for its Flemish fries, actually made from Dutch potatoes. After one bite, you'll be in fry heaven. The schanulleke is a perfect snack size portion, while urbanus is better for lunch. The obelix is absolutely gigantic, weighing almost a kilo, and is best if you have a large appetite or are planning to share with friends. You can also add sauces. The Dutch typically eat their fries with mayonnaise, but you have approximately 20 different sauces to choose from, such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, garlic sauce, cheddar cheese and tartar sauce. You can also try the "special fries," with mayonnaise, curry sauce and onions, or the "fry war," topped with mayonnaise, peanut sauce and onions. Manneken Pis is open until 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can drop by for a late-night snack.

Recommended for Street Food because: Manneken Pis is centrally located, between Dam Square and Centraal Station, and stays open late on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jessica's expert tip: Order the "special fries" or "fry war." Both are topped with mayonnaise and onions, but one includes curry sauce and the other peanut sauce

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There is something comforting about fries. Between their salty exterior and warm, delicious inside, it is hard not to love this tasty snack. Fries are definitely a Dutch favorite. Therefore, fries are another food item you should add to your "must try" list when in Amsterdam. Make sure to stop by Vleminckx. This hole-in-the-wall vendor serves some of the best fries in town. The fries are actually Belgian style, but this place is better known for its sauces. You have 25 different ones to choose from, including mayonnaise, ketchup, curry sauce, sambal, applesauce, tartar sauce, green pepper sauce, lemon mayonnaise, garlic sauce, mustard, BBQ sauce and more.

Recommended for Street Food because: Vleminckx is known for its Belgian-style fries and 25 different sauces.

Jessica's expert tip: The Dutch usually like mayo with their fries

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Vlaardingse Haringhandel
Photo courtesy of Jessica Lipowski

Most people have heard about the Dutch and their herring. They picture people grabbing the herring by its tail, tilting their heads back and gobbling it up. Don't worry; you don't need to do that. Today, herring is usually served in slices. You are presented with toothpicks, as well, so you don't have to use your hands. You can also order it as a sandwich. Whatever preparation you choose, you'll certainly enjoy it. The quality of the fish at the Vlaardingse Haringhandel, which is located on the Albert Cuypstraat, is superb. Make sure to request pickles and onions. These two sides are a must.

Recommended for Street Food because: The stand serves fantastic herring, and the man is very friendly.

Jessica's expert tip: Make sure to request pickles and onions, as well

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Old City Centre/Old Side

You may have seen these establishments scattered around town, the ones with an open storefront and food in a wall. This is the FEBO, a Dutch staple. Here is how it works. First, you must decide what type of treat you would like to try. If you want something typically Dutch, make sure to try a kroket (croquette). Then, you insert the appropriate amount of coins into the wall, which acts like a vending machine, and grab your selection (the best part). You can also order at the counter. What is a kroket, you ask? This delicious Dutch fried snack is a mixture of vegetables and meat in ragout form on the inside and breadcrumbs on the outside. The FEBO also offers cheese soufflés, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken wings and fries. Order the ice cream or a milkshake if you want a sweet finish; they are fresh and creamy.

Recommended for Street Food because: The FEBO, known for its hole-in-the-wall vending machine concept, is popular place to pop in for a quick snack.

Jessica's expert tip: Order a Dutch favorite, the kroket

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Original Stroopwafels Stand at the Albert Cuypmarkt
Photo courtesy of Alex T.

If you only have time to try one treat off the street, make sure to order a fresh, homemade stroopwafel. This melt-in-your-mouth delicious Dutch specialty is a piece of heaven in food form. The stand is in the heart of the Albert Cuypmarkt, near the Bazar restaurant. You can see the "Goudse Stroopwafel" sign waving in the wind as you approach. Step up to the stand and place your order. The giant stroopwafel only costs 1.50 EUR. You can also buy a tin to take back home with you. Make sure to hold the waffle and caramel concoction flat, otherwise you'll find yourself covered in caramel. Savor each and every warm, flavorful bite. You can always order another one later if you find yourself craving more.

Recommended for Street Food because: Nothing compares to the first bite of a fresh, homemade gooey stroopwafel.

Jessica's expert tip: Buy a tin to take home with you

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