The 10 Best Places in Amsterdam to Shop For Your Cruise

You know that overwhelming feeling you have when you forget to pack something important or run out of an essential product, that sensation of frustration, disappointment or stress? This can happen to anyone. To help ease your mind, 10Best has gathered the best places to shop near the Amsterdam cruise port. Whether you are searching for a bathing suit or just want some sunscreen, this list contains it all. You will easily find everything you need for your cruise. 

If you are looking for formal wear, De Bijenkorf and Maison de Bonneterie are two great places to start. The Maison de Bonneterie even has a spa on the second level, so you can get your nails done for formal night. The Negen Straatjes is full of darling boutique shops, where you are sure to discover one-of-a-kind items. Depending on the shop, you may find casual or upscale wear. The Kalverstraat, home to a variety of stores, is a great place to locate swimwear, resort wear, shoes and more. At the HEMA, you’ll find nearly everything at an affordable price, from skin care products and towels to casual clothing and accessories. BENU Apotheek Dam is the best place to go if you need to fill a prescription. If you forgot your camera or need to pick up accessories for your technology gadgets, your best bet is Saturn.

Central Canal Ring


The Negen Straatjes, which translates to "Nine Little Streets" in English, is a quaint shopping area situated in the heart of Amsterdam. This quiet area is a boutique lover's haven. Just as the name implies, the Negen Straatjes is comprised of...  Read More

Central Canal Ring
PostNL Postkantoor
Photo courtesy of Jessica Lipowski


Post cards, letters and care packages are some of the best ways to keep in touch with loved ones back home while traveling. Just a short walk from Centraal Station and very close to Dam Square, you'll find the post office, filled with everything...  Read More

Saturn Amsterdam
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Did you forget your camera? Do you need a special accessory for your technology gadget? Perhaps you are simply looking for a good CD or DVD. Saturn, one of the largest electronics stores in Europe, has it all. The store is located on the...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


The Magna Plaza, located across the street from the Royal Palace and Dam Square, is absolutely stunning. That same feeling will carry over as you step inside. The archways add an extra element of luxury. The building, formerly the Amsterdam post...  Read More

Old City Centre/Old Side


The Maison de Bonneterie's eye-catching, elegant exterior doesn't even begin to describe the luxury inside. The family-owned center is a complete shopping experience filled with fine fashion, home to brands such as G-Star, Marc Jacobs, Hugo...  Read More



You should never travel without a good book. Whether you are lying by the pool or getting ready for bed, it is nice to have something handy to read. If you forgot yours, or are just looking for something new, start your search at the American...  Read More

Old City Centre/Old Side
BENU Apotheek Dam
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The Dam Apotheek, a small pharmacy that dates back to 1882, is located right next to Dam Square. As it is centrally located, it is the perfect place to drop by if you are searching for something for the cruise. They offer an assortment of items,...  Read More

Old City Centre/Old Side


De Bijenkorf, a chain of high-end department stores, is definitely a Dutch favorite. The store in Amsterdam, which opened in 1870, was the first of De Bijenkorf's stores. The majestic building towers over Dam Square, ready to welcome shoppers....  Read More

Old City Centre/New Side


The HEMA is an inexpensive store that has just about everything. If you want to print your pictures, the HEMA offers a photo service. Purchase a notebook or journal, so you can jot down all your memories as you travel. Pick up some extra pens...  Read More

Old Center / Red Light District


The Kalverstraat is a busy shopping street where you can easily spend a whole day. This area promises a fun day out. The street, which is lined with numerous stores such as V&D, Zara, H&M, Nike, Rituals and Lush, starts at Dam Square and winds...  Read More


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