Chinese Restaurant Wing Lei in Las Vegas: Stunning and Scrumptious

Award-winning restaurant at hotel Wynn Las Vegas unveils a spectacular new look

By Heather Turk,

The newly remodeled dining room at Wing Lei. — Photo courtesy of Barbara Kraft / Wynn Las Vegas

Wing Lei inside Wynn Las Vegas resort has always been one of the city’s premier restaurants. In fact, in the very first Las Vegas editions of the Michelin Guide (2008 and 2009), Wing Lei was recognized with one star, making it the only Chinese restaurant in North America to receive this distinction.

So when it was announced that Wing Lei would temporarily be closing in October of 2013 so that its dining room could be remodeled, it was only natural to wonder what exciting changes were in store for the already-stunning space.

The newly remodeled restaurant reopened its doors on December 21, 2013, welcoming guests to a lighter, brighter color scheme. Gone is the regal red and gold, replaced with various hues of jade green and gold–a combination often found in Chinese jewels. The walls are adorned with gold leaf and white, textured horizontal stripes, while gorgeous handmade white chenille and gold Lurex fabrics are draped in front of each window opening.

Regardless of where you’re sitting in the restaurant, eyes are immediately drawn to the massive gold dragon statue behind the windows surrounded by beautiful 100-year-old pomegranate trees. This garden area, along with the new open, airy feel of the restaurant, truly gives guests the feeling that they’re dining outdoors even though they’re inside.

The garden area at Wing Lei now features an eye-catching gold dragon statue. — Photo courtesy of Barbara Kraft / Wynn Las Vegas

The look of the restaurant isn’t the only remarkable thing about Wing Lei, either. The staff truly goes out of their way to make sure visitors enjoy their experience, from the hostesses who open the front doors when guests arrive to the attentive waiters who bring female diners miniature matching chairs to put their purses on. (“Everyone gets a chair here,” waiters have been known to note.)

This attention to detail carries over into the mouthwatering menu by Executive Chef Xian Ming Yu. It's recommended that guests start their dinner with the Wing Lei Sampler, which includes two tender Honey-Glazed BBQ Spare Ribs, two savory Shrimp Toasts and some delightful Peking Duck Salad with mesclun greens, slivered almonds and Mandarin oranges in a peanut-truffle vinaigrette. Perfect for sharing, the appetizer treats palates to a variety of flavors. It's also a great precursor of what's to come.

For something a little lighter and more refreshing, the Wing Lei Garden Salad is a must. The beautifully presented dish comes with mixed greens, avocado, raspberries and Mandarin oranges drizzled in a flavorful pomegranate-raspberry vinaigrette. It’s truly one of the best salads in town!

When it comes time for the entrée, Wing Lei is famous for its Imperial Peking Duck. Carved tableside, the dish comes rolled out to guests and includes your choice of steamed buns or Mandarin crêpes. It also includes a second course: diced duck in lettuce cups.

The bar at Wing Lei showcases the garden's 100-year-old pomegranate trees. — Photo courtesy of Barbara Kraft / Wynn Las Vegas

If duck isn’t really your thing, Wing Lei also boasts several delectable seafood, meat and poultry items, like the succulent Garlic Beef Tenderloin. The beef is served already sliced, with mushrooms, heirloom bell peppers, sugar peas and a nice but not overpowering black pepper sauce.

For those who want something with a little kick to it, the Kung Pao Chicken with roasted peanuts, bell peppers, scallions, jicama and a garlic-chili sauce is sure to please.

For dessert, guests can choose a trio of miniature "treasures" to end the evening with, like the luscious Lychee-Prosecco Jelly made with pineapple sauce, lychee and tropical sorbet. An extensive menu of teas is also available.

Given how exquisite Wing Lei is, it should come as no surprise that the dress code is business casual. But, as anyone who has dined at the Las Vegas restaurant before can attest, guests will certainly want to dress up for such an unforgettable night out.