Sami Ladeki's Table 89: It's Short on Time, Not Taste

New Centennial Hills restaurant speeds up the ordering process, while still serving quality, sit-down fare

By Heather Turk,

Time is money. Whether you’re spending it hard at work or enjoying some quality time with the ones you love, time is an invaluable asset everyone could use more of.

But often, a person’s time is wasted waiting around for things to happen – like waiting for a waiter to come and take your order at a restaurant.

That is, of course, unless you’re dining at Table 89 in Las Vegas.

Inside Table 89 restaurant — Photo courtesy of Table 89

The newest dining concept from Sami Ladeki, Table 89 opened in Centennial Hills in early 2015, offering Las Vegas locals a fresh new approach to Ladeki’s signature fare.

“Like our other restaurants, Table 89 serves fresh and flavorful cuisine,” says Ladeki, owner and founder of Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill. “What makes Table 89 different is the convenience of fast service, with countertop ordering for guests.”

The Goat Cheese & Tomato Flatbread at Table 89 — Photo courtesy of Table 89

When guests first enter the garden-style restaurant, they'll immediately notice two cashiers in front of them, with a menu posted showcasing the restaurant’s delectable offerings. (There’s also a menu to the left of the entrance, for those who may need additional time deciding what they want.).

Once guests have decided which dishes to order, they simply tell a cashier what they want and pay for their purchase. Diners are then given an order number to display on their table, and the dishes are brought out to them in the order they are prepared, just as if they were dining in a traditional sit-down restaurant.

Throughout the meal, the restaurant’s attentive staff will frequently stop by to pick up any dirty dishes from the table. The entire experience is comparable to dining at any full-service restaurant, with the one noticeable difference being the time shaved off of the experience waiting for a waiter to first come and take your order (especially if you order multiple courses, as waiters often take guests’ appetizer selections first, then return for the rest of the order).

Guests can also order their selections to go, making Table 89 an enjoyable take-out dining option.

“We wanted to create the type of food where families could stop in and order healthy meals on the go,” says Corporate Executive Chef Jeff Moogk. “We’ve worked in this business a long time and feel like this is something diners are looking for in our busy world.”

The Shrimp & Tofu Curry Bowl at Table 89 — Photo courtesy of Table 89

In addition to serving some of Sammy’s famous woodfired pizzas – like the tasty Hawaiian made with slices of fresh golden pineapple, Canadian bacon and tomato sauce – Table 89 offers an array of small plates, soups, sandwiches, entrées, salads, pastas and desserts that utilize local, organic and nutritionally balanced ingredients.

Must-tries include the Shrimp & Tofu Curry Bowl, Goat Cheese & Tomato Flatbread, Lobster Bisque and Fresh Tomato Basil soup.

Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu items are clearly labeled, too, making it easy for everyone to enjoy Table 89’s mouthwatering fare.

Table 89 is open for lunch and dinner. Plus, the restaurant features a lushly landscaped 35-seat patio that’s perfect for enjoying Las Vegas’ warm spring weather. If you would rather escape the heat, there’s plenty of seating inside the spacious 160-seat restaurant, which features wooden tables, plant artwork, mimicked grass floorboards and two televisions for guests to watch.

Diners can also call in their orders in advance, for those planning to take their items to go, making Table 89 a great lunch or dinner pitstop for those living or working in the area.

For more on the refreshing new restaurant, including a look at its menu, visit Table 89’s website.