Cocktails, Games and Music: 10 Best Las Vegas Gay Clubs and Bars

Gay clubs and bars in Las Vegas are found throughout the city, and many are within a short cab or Uber ride from the Strip. The atmosphere at most Vegas gay clubs and bars is pretty relaxed. You’ll find an abundance of “dive bar” experiences, plus one pool party on the Strip – Temptation Sundays at the Luxor – and several fun spots in between.

Bastille on 3rd is a place that bills itself as the oldest gay bar in Las Vegas–and a recent remodel put on a fresh layer of paint but left its charming hole-in-the-wall appeal untouched. Be prepared for a cash-only evening at Bastille, which is also conveniently located close the bar and arts scenes in the Arts District and on East Fremont.

For a more diverse crowd, try FreeZone in the Fruit Loop District on Paradise Road or The Phoenix on West Charleston. Drag shows and karaoke are popular in both places, along with a host of great drink specials and all kinds of games, like darts, pool, and trivia.

For those looking for a predominately male clientele, Las Vegas has plenty of cowboy-themed gay bars and one with a car theme, The Garage, where you’ll find drink specials, plenty of bar games and regular events.

Still wondering where to find a LBGTQ-friendly bar or club? Check out our list of 10 best gay clubs and bars in Las Vegas.

East Of The Strip


Flair is one of Las Vegas' newest LGBTQ clubs, and it features a roomy nightclub, three bars and state-of-the-art sound system and lighting. A full bottle service menu is available, with packages starting at $300 for two bottles of well vodka...  Read More

East Of The Strip


This two-level gay club is a Las Vegas favorite. Piranha is a chic, high-energy dance club with beautiful go-go boys, a lavish VIP area popular among celebs, skyboxes offering spectacular views of the writhing dance floor and a breathtaking...  Read More



Home to Drag Madness, a popular Las Vegas drag show, this alternative nightclub has it all: pool tables, karaoke, dancing, video gaming machines, arcade games...even a restaurant to cure your hunger pangs. Most nights are themed, like the...  Read More



FLEX Cocktail Lounge has been around for or more than 20 years and has maintained its status as an easy-going place to stop for drinks and entertainment. Offering guests a relaxing bar/dance club to unwind in, FLEX features free nightly...  Read More

East Of The Strip


The Badlands' exterior makes it hard to miss. The Western design is easy to spot when you're looking for this popular country-themed gay bar. Inside, you'll find the usual bar games, like pool tables, darts, video poker and shuffleboard....  Read More

East Of The Strip


Located in the Paradise Fruit Loop district, QuadZ has a dive bar ambiance that goes along with cheap drinks and a welcoming, casual crowd. There's a jukebox instead of a DJ, and the clientele includes a lot of regulars. Relaxed, friendly...  Read More



The Phoenix is a short drive west from the Strip, and it's easy to find. You won't have any problems spotting the building, since it's painted with a mural of a phoenix rising out of the flames. The crowd here is mixed, with the inexpensive...  Read More



Pool parties and clubs are some of the Strip's most popular places to hang out, which completely makes sense if you've been to Las Vegas in the summer. Temptation Sundays at the Luxor brings the only gay pool party to the Strip. The Luxor...  Read More

East Of The Strip
The Garage
Photo courtesy of Terrisa Meeks


The Garage's theme is apparent in its name, and the design is just as car-related as you would think. Besides the diamond plating, hubcaps and checkered flag patterns, this fun, popular gay bar features pool tables, darts, shuffleboard, video...  Read More



Bastille on 3rd was formerly Snick's Place, until it was remodeled in 2015. It's the only gay bar in the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas and advertises itself as the oldest gay bar in town. The refreshed interior gives this cozy bar a sleek...  Read More


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