Get Your Brunch on at These 10 Las Vegas Restaurants

Brunch in Las Vegas generally happens on the weekend, although you’ll find a few places serving a daily brunch. No matter what day of the week (or time of day), you can count on having at least a few adult drink options available, most commonly mimosas, Champagne and Bloody Marys. Beware the endless or bottomless pours of these easy-to-drink beverages. You might wind up taking a nap earlier than you planned if you’re not careful.

The granddaddy of all Las Vegas brunches is the Sterling Brunch at Bally’s. This lavish $95 per person brunch has been around for decades. Although the price might seem high, when you consider the array of high-dollar dishes like lobster, filet, caviar and sushi, it’s actually a pretty good value.

While you’ll find plenty of places on the Strip for a great brunch, if you head off the Strip you can find a place that’s more relaxed and a little easier on your wallet as well--with food that’s just as good as anything on the Strip. For instance, Andre’s Bistro is in a small strip mall (as so many off-the-Strip Las Vegas restaurants are), but its French and American food transcends location. Brunch here is a delightful meal and worth the drive out to the Vegas ‘burbs.

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The Cracked Egg
Photo courtesy of The Cracked Egg Las Vegas

When you're off the Strip, the Cracked Egg is a great place to stop for an old-fashioned breakfast served in a casual setting. Four locations in Las Vegas serve the population throughout the Valley. Judging from the restaurant's frequent listing...  Read More

Chef Bobby Flay is one of today's most well-known celebrity chefs, and Grill showcases the culinary style he's known for. Southwestern flavors exert major influence on the menu here, for instance in brunch dishes like the Crispy Bacon and Hash...  Read More

Paradise Road/Airport Area
Culinary Dropout
Photo courtesy of Erik Kabik

Culinary Dropout takes traditional pub fare in some new directions, all of them delicious. The restaurant is widely known for its juicy Fried Chicken, which is available on their regular menu and at brunch. Brunch is served on the weekends from...  Read More

With its Cuban-influenced decor and globally inspired food, SUGARCANE offers guests a comfortable dining experience filled with delectable food. The restaurant offers a raw bar, food from the grill and traditional kitchen dishes. Brunch at this...  Read More

Border Grill
Photo courtesy of Border Grill

Celebrity Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger give Mexican food a few new twists at Border Grill. You'll certainly find standards like tacos and enchiladas, but most dishes have a bit of a twist to them. There's an definite emphasis on...  Read More

Yardbird feels like a combination of honky-tonk and family dining room, which is the perfect atmosphere for its Southern food. They're most well-known for their fried chicken, which is amazingly juicy. Food is served on platters that make for...  Read More

West Las Vegas

With its mix of Jamaican and New Mexican cuisine, DW Bistro sets itself apart from other restaurants in Las Vegas. One of the restaurant's most popular meals is their weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday, when this off-the-Strip eatery can get...  Read More

Sterling Brunch

Every Sunday Bally's BLT Steakhouse transforms itself into the Sterling Brunch, an opulent and expensive brunch buffet that many regard as the ultimate Vegas brunch. The Sterling Brunch is a rarity in Las Vegas, a long-running event (over 30...  Read More

The original Andre's in Las Vegas was well-known for wonderful French food, and the tradition of great food lives on at the recently opened Andre's Bistro & Bar. The "Andre" in the title is Chef Andre Rochat, who's had acclaimed restaurants...  Read More


Kitchen Table Squared is the second restaurant in Las Vegas for Chef Javier Chavez, who had great success with his first restaurant, Kitchen Table in Henderson. Located in The Gramercy, a new multi-use complex in southwestern Las Vegas, KT2...  Read More


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