Las Vegas' 10 Best Chinese Restaurants: Serving Traditional Favorites and New Trends

With an international clientele on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s no wonder that the city has a plentiful number of Chinese restaurants. Although the restaurants on the Strip tend toward a more refined atmosphere and expensive dishes, there’s a good balance of casual eateries to give diners a wide range of choices.

Perhaps the most well-known Chinese restaurant on the Strip is Hakkasan at the MGM Grand. While the name might bring the nightclub to mind, the restaurant wows diners with its fine Cantonese food. This is one Chinese restaurant where you’ll want to be sure to make reservations.

Although Las Vegas has plenty of neighborhood take-out style Chinese, the best restaurants in town offer a more upscale atmosphere, with the selections reflecting a keen knowledge of the cuisine. Sure, you’ll find the standard sides of rice and noodles, but those dishes--along with the rest of the menu--will be memorable at these fine restaurants.

If the thought of Chinese food brings to mind a more casual style of food for you, don’t despair. Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast blends some of the newer and more inventive dishes with standards that Americans will recognize (for those who’d like to see some familiar names on the menu).

For those diners still pondering where to find the best dim sum, fresh seafood or noodles, read on for our list of Las Vegas’ best Chinese restaurants.



Joyful House's location in Chinatown stands out because of its brightly decorated exterior, but its food is the real attention getter. The restaurant specializes in authentic Hong Kong Chinese food, and regularly pops up in local reader surveys...  Read More



Encore classifies Wazuzu as a casual dining restaurant, but its elegant red dining room and the white Chinese dragon feel all upper class. The dishes take inspiration from Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines. Start your meal off with steamed...  Read More



Guests at Jasmine will find a menu full of Cantonese, Szechwan and Hunan dishes. The restaurant enjoys spectacular views of Lake Bellagio with its legendary dancing fountains providing a thrilling background. The upscale setting features a...  Read More



District One is a Las Vegas Chinatown favorite. Its food isn't strictly Chinese, instead taking inspiration from a handful of Asian regions: Vietnam, Thailand, China and Japan. The small menu features a variety of plates, like edamame, spring...  Read More



Phoenix at the new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino brings the newest Chinese dining trends to Las Vegas. The Lucky Dragon was designed to be an authentic Asian experience, from gaming to dining, and Phoenix's modern dishes showcase today's...  Read More



At first, Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast feels like a typical casino restaurant, with rows of gaming machines just steps away. But that's only until you sit down and start reading over the extensive menu. You'll find familiar favorites like...  Read More



The beautifully decorated Blossom provides the perfect background for the restaurant's fine Chinese food. Both traditional Chinese dishes and Americanized plates are served here, with the menu featuring 100 items to choose from. Appetizers range...  Read More



Flock & Fowl isn't your average Chinese restaurant. The menu here is tightly focused, with an emphasis on Hainanese Chicken Rice (to use their words, they have an "obsession" with perfect chicken rice). This unassuming small restaurant keeps...  Read More

Wing Lei
Photo courtesy of Barbara Kraft


Offering guests refined Chinese cuisine in an equally elegant and stylish setting, Wing Lei is one of the city's best restaurants. In the first Las Vegas editions of the Michelin Guide (2008, 2009), Wing Lei was recognized with one star, making...  Read More



In Las Vegas, many people associate Hakkasan with its nightclub, but it also includes a noted Cantonese restaurant. Hakkasan has outposts in cities throughout the world and offers an array of signature dishes like Peking duck with caviar, ...  Read More


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