Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods in Las Vegas

Pass the Bread: Where to Find Gluten-Free Baked Goods in Las Vegas

If you’re yearning for gluten-free pastries, bread or cake while you’re in Las Vegas, you’ll be glad to know you’ve got lots of options. Gluten-sensitive diners can still enjoy all of these and more at many Las Vegas restaurants.

As the awareness of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity has become more widespread, more restaurants are offering gluten-free options on their menus. Many Las Vegas restaurants designate which items on their menus are gluten-free or even carry dedicated menus. Most are sensitive to concerns about cross-contamination and will be able to let you know about any possibly risks.

Always ask about the gluten-free options when being making reservations or being seated, and in most cases the restaurant will be glad to point out choices if they’re not already clearly noted. Finding restaurants with baked goods like pizza and desserts sometimes takes a little extra homework, but in Las Vegas, gluten-free options are popping up everywhere.

At Pizza Rock, their yummy gourmet pizzas comes in several varieties, gluten-free included and clearly noted. The fun downtown pizza joint is a great stop if you’re checking out Fremont Street or any Downtown attractions.

Want something sweet? Several restaurants in town offer to-die-for gluten-free baked desserts, like Margarataville’s  warm brownie sundae.

When you’re craving pizza, bread or dessert, try one of the restaurants on our list of the 10 best places to find baked goods in Las Vegas.


South Las Vegas

GlutenZero Bakery makes all of their products in their own kitchen to ensure all the cakes, cookies and other goods are totally gluten free. You can also indulge in cupcakes, bread, rolls and even pizza dough. GlutenZero offers all kinds of cakes, including beautiful wedding creations and vegan cakes. The emphasis at the bakery is on health, and they make it a point to have knowledgeable staff on hand to assist in picking out the best gluten-free baked goods. The store uses only the best quality ingredients without any preservatives. Everything is made fresh daily, and the store is open 7 days a week.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: GlutenZero Bakery offers every kind of bakery item, from cookies to wedding cakes, all prepared entirely gluten free.

Terrisa's expert tip: Handy online ordering is available, although you'll need to place your order 48 hours before picking it up. You'll want to call for custom cakes.

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Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream has developed a loyal following of cupcake-loving enthusiasts. Luckily for gluten sensitive customers, Sprinkles always has a supply of their popular gluten-free Red Velvet on hand, made fresh daily with gluten-free flour and covered with their original cream cheese frosting. They're conveniently marked with a red "G" and if you don't see in any the case, be sure to ask as they are a standard item. Sprinkles also offers a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie made with rice flour. Other gluten-free flavors are available periodically for limited periods of time. The Las Vegas location is a large flagship store that carries all their products, including their quirky cupcake ATM, one of their most popular features.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The flavorful sweets at Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream always include some gluten-free items.

Terrisa's expert tip: While the Red Velvet gluten-free cupcake has justifiably earned a loyal following, be sure to ask if there are any other gluten-free creations available. New flavors are offered periodically.

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For a wide variety of food, it's hard to beat a buffet. The numerous types of food available at the Aria's buffet include gluten-free pizza and pasta, as well as a wide selection of fresh seafood and salads. Let the server know you're looking for gluten-free dishes and they'll be happy to help you, or the chef may even come and show you other gluten-free options that are available. Aria's buffet offers a tempting array of dishes that will suit guests regardless of what kind of foods they're looking for. The Buffet at Aria won't be the cheapest buffet you'll find, but the quality of food is worth the cost. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served Monday through Friday, brunch is offered on the weekends, and a gourmet dinner is served Friday through Sunday.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: The wide selection of dishes at Aria's buffet include gluten-free options like pizza and pasta.

Terrisa's expert tip: With a paying adult, up to 4 children (from 5 years of age to 12) can eat for free at the buffet's dinner service every evening from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Five or more children are $15 per child.

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Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville was inspired by the singer's music and love of the beach, and its fun-loving atmosphere fits in well on the Las Vegas Strip. The three-level restaurant has six bars and live entertainment, plus a great view of the Strip. Margaritaville's easy-going atmosphere is great for casual meals and drinks. The restaurant offers a gluten-free menu that includes a cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, fish sandwich and a brownie sundae sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. They also offer a vegetarian menu. The restaurant is located inside the Flamingo and serves from breakfast until 2 or 3 a.m. The variety of dishes, including options for those with dietary restrictions, make it a good choice for parties who want to accommodate a few different dining needs. Even if you're not a "Parrothead," you'll find plenty to like about Margaritaville.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Margaritaville's gluten-free menu includes comfort food favorites like hamburgers and a warm brownie sundae.

Terrisa's expert tip: Margaritaville's main menu notes several dishes that can be prepared gluten-free, like the Volcano Nachos and the catch of the day, but the restaurant's dedicated gluten-free menu provides guests a wider variety of choices.

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Bonefish Grill
Photo courtesy of Bonefish Grill

This award-winning casual restaurant is known for its fresh fare, which includes wood-grilled fish, seafood and chops, as well as its innovative sauces and richly indulgent desserts--many of which are gluten free. Guests can ask for a gluten-free menu upon being seated, which boasts such must-try dishes as the flavorful Lily's Chicken topped with goat cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts and a lemon basil sauce. For dessert, be sure to try the rich Macadamia Nut Brownie--a flourless brownie served with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream--or the tasty Crème Brûlée with berries and whipped cream. Both gluten-free treats are simply divine!

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Bonefish Grill's dedicated gluten-free menu includes a decadent brownie and a Crème Brûlée.

Terrisa's expert tip: Bonefish's Sunday brunch menu includes two gluten-free omelets, one with asparagus and crab and one with bacon, cheddar and avocado. Brunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays.

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Pizza Rock
Photo courtesy of Pizza Rock

Tony Gemignani isn't an 12-time World Pizza Champion for nothing: he knows how to make pies for every taste and dietary restriction. Offering an extensive selection of gourmet pizzas--everything from California to Sicilian--this downtown pizzeria is sure to have something on its menu for everyone; there's even a separate category for gourmet gluten-free pies. Guests can choose from one of two kinds: the Gluten Free Vegetarian made with hand-crushed tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, goat cheese and basil, or the Gluten Free Pancetta Gorgonzola, made with mozzarella, bacon, smoked pancetta, Gorgonzola cheese, mixed greens, agave nectar and a light balsamic vinaigrette. Either option is tasty enough to make everyone at your table happy!

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Pizza Rock offers an impressive selection of gourmet pizzas, including gluten-free varieties.

Terrisa's expert tip: With a location just a few blocks off Fremont Street, Pizza Rock is walking distance from Downtown attractions like the Mob Museum and the SlotZilla Zip Line ride.

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The proprietors of Veganbites are on a bit of a mission to show people that baked goods are more versatile than you might think. Their organic, vegan and gluten-free cakes, cookies and candies are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, and the results are wonderfully tasty. All of Veganbites creations are vegan and most of their sweet treats can be prepared gluten-free. Their facility is also peanut free, a direct reflection of their commitment to avoiding allergens of all kinds. Customers may have a difficult time choosing what to get, with such tempting options as cheese cake, cake pops, cupcakes and brownies. The store front is open for those who would like to stop in and sample the wares in person, and they also offer delivery in the Las Vegas area.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: Veganbites creations are all vegan and organic, plus most are available gluten-free--and all are delicious.

Terrisa's expert tip: If you see an item you'd really like that isn't listed with a gluten-free option, be sure to ask if it can be prepared without gluten as Veganbites may still be able to accommodate you.

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MOzen Bistro
Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

Located on the third floor of Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, this contemporary and stylish Asian bistro offers a relaxed ambiance where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows offer a view of CityCenter, and the impeccable service will leave you feeling spoiled. Its enticing menu caters to all kinds of tastes and diets, including vegan and gluten-free diners. Separate gluten-free and vegan menus are available for breakfast, all-day dining and dinner. The variety of delicious gluten-free dishes range from Eggs Benedict to a charcuterie board with artisanal Finocchiona, Mortadella and Serrano ham, and several selections include baked goods like muffins, bagels or toast. For dinner, diners can choose from tempting choices like Pad Thai, Alaskan Halibut, Duroc Pork Chop or a roasted chicken in Indian curry sauce with basmati rice and lentils.

Recommended for Gluten-Free Baked Goods because: MOzen Bistro offers a dedicated gluten-free menu for all meals and its breakfast menu includes a host of baked items.

Terrisa's expert tip: Breakfast and weekend brunch are both very popular at MOzen Bistro, so you may want to plan for a little extra time during those seatings.

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