Las Vegas' 10 Best Burger Restaurants: Where to Find a Tasty Burger

Hamburger restaurants continue to enjoy popularity, especially those that bring a new twist to the standard burger fare people are familiar with. Las Vegas has plenty of great places to enjoy a burger, from small, regional chains to one-of-a-kind places. However you like your burger, you’ll find a Vegas’ burger restaurant that will get it just right for you..

On the Strip, places like the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay treat burgers as a gourmet feast. Look for the finest of meats, and not just beef–options like lamb, fish, and turkey can give the humble burger a whole new taste. Sustainably raised, organic, and locally sourced foods aren’t just for fine dining, and several Vegas hamburger restaurants make it a point to highlight these kinds of ingredients.

You might think of a burger restaurant as an old-fashioned or fast-food kind of dining, and while those experiences are certainly out there, many newcomers aren’t afraid to step outside the burger box. Bachi Burger brings Asian flavors to the hamburger with delicious success.

At any burger restaurant, be sure to explore the menu for inventive and original sides (and shakes) to go with your burger–fried pickles, anyone? Delectable toppings, perfectly toasted (or untoasted) buns, and the perfect beer can elevate a hamburger meal to a whole new level.

Starting to crave a tasty burger? Then check out our list to find the best hamburger restaurants in Las Vegas.



The retro design at Bobby's Burger Palace gives Chef Bobby Flay's burger joint a little bit of a 70s feeling, but the burgers are thoroughly modern. Take your pick of certified Angus beef, ground turkey or whole chicken breast and put it with...  Read More



Many a burger lover's bucket list includes Shake Shack. Its devoted following started in New York, where it began as a food cart, and when Shake Shack opened in Las Vegas, the long lines were a testament to the restaurant's reputation for...  Read More



Fukuburger started out as a food truck, and it remains one of the most popular food trucks in Las Vegas. They recently added a stationary restaurant in Chinatown--giving burger lovers one place they can always find Fuku's Japanese influenced...  Read More



After a hard day of shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, Stripburger gives tired and hungry shoppers a place to refuel and take in the view of the Strip. Stripburger has the only all-outdoor restaurant on the Strip, so you can indulge in some...  Read More



Smashburger takes its name from the way its hamburgers are made: "smashed" on the grill. It's a technique that seems to work, judging from their number of fans. This small chain is steadily growing, offering customers a comfortable space that's...  Read More



In-N-Out is a burger place that hasn't strayed far from its roots as basic drive-thru hamburger restaurant. The succinct menu is all about the burgers--you won't find chicken sandwiches or salads at In-N-Out. You also won't see the "secret" menu...  Read More



Gordon Ramsay Burger brings the chef's famously exacting skills front and center with a menu that stars hamburgers. The gourmet burgers are crafted with a range of deliciously different ingredients, like the Blue Cheeseburger, which comes with...  Read More



Holstein's fits perfectly into the atmosphere at the fun, quirky and elegant Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. As befits any Strip restaurant, the cocktail menu is exhaustive, and includes a selection of alcohol-infused shakes--"Bam-Boozled...  Read More



Bachi Burger brings an Asian twist to their hamburgers, but that's far from the only fresh twist you'll find on the menu. For beef burgers, enjoy American Wagyu grass fed beef, or Angus beef, and top it off with something like pan seared foie...  Read More



The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay has been around a while, having been one of the first upscale burger restaurants in Las Vegas--and it continues to serve delicious burgers, fries, and shakes. Renown Chef Hubert Keller, known not only for his...  Read More


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