Buy Gifts for Everyone at Las Vegas' 10 Best Souvenir Shops

Is souvenir shopping a mandatory element of any trip you take? If that’s the case, you’re in luck in Las Vegas. Whether you’re searching for simple t-shirts or a very Vegas-y dice clock, there’s a Vegas gift shop out there for you.

Budget-friendly gifts are at the top of many visitor’s lists, and one of the best ways to find inexpensive gifts is at drugstores and convenience stores. Some shops, like the ABC Stores, have conveniently combined all the best things about a convenience store with a gift shop. If you’ve left anything at home, want a snack or just want to pick up a coffee mug with “Las Vegas” on it, it’s a good place to stop.

If a t-shirt or ashtray doesn’t fit your souvenir-shopping style, try checking out the souvenirs available at any attractions or businesses you visit. For instance, the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop might not have a stock of cheap t-shirts, but they do have an eclectic collection of merchandise and some Pawn Stars swag. You might also get to see the television show being filmed if you stop in.

Scroll down for our suggestions on the 10 best places to shop for souvenirs in Las Vegas.

Photo courtesy of Terrisa Meeks


With locations throughout Las Vegas and along the Strip, Walgreens offers shoppers a quick, inexpensive stop for t-shirts and other souvenirs. Several of their stores are open 24/7, so you can go looking for souvenirs at any time, which is a...  Read More

Magnet Max
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If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive gift or souvenir, magnets can be a great choice. At Magnet Max, you'll find a wide assortment of refrigerator-worthy designs that are sure to spark up conversations. Customers will find a large variety...  Read More

Gold & Silver Pawn
Photo courtesy of PR Plus


Arguably the world's most famous pawn shop, Gold & Silver Pawn has become one of Las Vegas' most popular tourist attractions thanks to the History Channel's "Pawn Stars." You name it and you can probably find it here, including the...  Read More



Shirts, hats, mugs, dice--you'll find it all at Vegas Exp, located in Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops. You'll also find merchandise for the Golden Knights, Las Vegas' hockey team, and the Raiders, the football team slated to make Las Vegas its home...  Read More

M&M'S WORLD Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of M&M'S® WORLD Las Vegas


Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of the sweetest retail shops on the Strip. This 28,000-square-foot, four-level monument to the colorful fun of M&M's Brand candies is the perfect stop for fans of the candy. Guests can create their very own...  Read More

The Coca-Cola Store, Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of The Coca-Cola Store, Las Vegas


A popular spot with tourists and locals alike, this fun store carries a wide selection of Coca-Cola-branded products ranging from T-shirts and hats to kitchenware and collectibles. Whether you're looking for a bottle opener or a handbag for the...  Read More



Featuring a dazzling array of Las Vegas-emblazoned souvenirs, the Welcome to Las Vegas store is a one-stop shopping experience when you're trying to find souvenirs for yourself or someone back home. With stores located up and down the Vegas...  Read More

Gamblers General Store
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The Gamblers General Store says it's the world's largest gaming supply superstore, and to back that up they carry every conceivable type of gaming supply. This is the place for dice, cards, shuffling machines, chips and books. They have decades...  Read More



ABC Stores is a name many people recognize, since the chain has stores in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and Las Vegas. The inviting and modern design of ABC Stores lends itself to browsing, and it's full of convenience store staples at reasonable prices....  Read More



One the most recognized and frequently photographed shops in Las Vegas, Bonanza Gift Shop has everything you could want in a souvenir shop and then some. This massive store has a wide selection of typical souvenir items like Vegas-themed...  Read More


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