10 Best Beaches in Lake Tahoe: Visit These in Summer and Winter

Lake Tahoe has over 70 miles of shoreline, but only a small percentage of it is actual sandy beach. A majority of the lake is privately owned, or too rugged to even find a place to sit. Beaches are at a premium, but what there is is choice. However that also makes them very popular places to hang out. On hot summer days it can sometimes be hard to even find parking for one of Tahoe’s beaches, much less a place to plant your beach umbrella. In the fall and winter, Tahoe beaches are much less crowded and the wind has calmed down, making them perfect locations for a picnic.

Sand Harbor, home to Lake Tahoe's Shakespeare Festival, is probably the most beautiful of the beaches in Lake Tahoe. It has plenty of parking, shade, swimming beaches, a boat launch and a beach specifically for SCUBA divers called Diver's Cove. For some smaller beaches, head to Kiva Beach, Pope Beach or Commons Beach in Tahoe City. Kings Beach is great for catching a parasail ride or for renting a kayak and Lester Beach in D.L. Bliss State Park has a wonderful, clear blue bay where you can jump off the rocks and enjoy the sunshine.



Now a center for recreation and outdoor fun, this park also holds the memories of pioneer struggles, especially in regard to the Donner Party, who suffered a winter in the area and resorted to cannibalism to survive. Now, the tract of land in...  Read More



Cave Rock is located on the Northeast area of the lake. The rock itself has a tunnel in which Highway 50 runs through on both sides of the road. The tunnel has been here since the early 1930s. Cave Rock stands about 400 feet high and the tunnels...  Read More



Emerald Bay State Park on the southwest area of Lake Tahoe is home to park is home to Eagle Falls and Vikingsholm, a 38-room mansion that is one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in the western hemisphere. The views from any...  Read More



This small and local friendly beach is right in the middle of Tahoe City. There is a grassy area with playgrounds and nice BBQ areas, but is not the best beach for swimming. Free special events are held all year long on Commons Beach...  Read More



Pope Beach is the longest of all Tahoe's beaches, and has parking along the length of it. Bring your pitchers of beer along with you, for alcoholic beverages are allowed, so long as you don't have glass bottles. As with other beaches in this...  Read More



Although it's open year-round, this park really comes into its own when the weather turns warm. At that point, its 700 feet of lakeshore are inundated by sun worshippers, who lounge on the beach, splash in the water, tool around the lake, and...  Read More



D.L. Bliss State Park is located just a few miles past Emerald Bay on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. It consists of several hundred acres of granite hillside and pine forests and a large and family-friendly campground. The bottom of the park is...  Read More



This pleasant little beach is known for its great view of Mt. Tallac and dog friendly area. Right by Camp Richardson, but away from the crowds. This beach is very lengthy and full of brightly-colored sand, and is located near South Lake Tahoe's...  Read More



If you're planning a family vacation, a reunion, or just a weekend getaway, Camp Richardson has it all. On a long sandy beach on the southwest shore, this woodsy retreat offers a wide array of activities and several lodging and dining options....  Read More



Sand Harbor is considered the most beautiful beach in Lake Tahoe. It is located on the Nevada side of the lake in the Lake Tahoe National Park. The beach has a small museum and store, bathrooms, showers, parking, a boat launch, picnic tables and...  Read More


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