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Puye Cliffs

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The Puye Cliffs were the dwelling place of the ancestors of the present day Santa Clara Pueblo people from around 900 to 1,500 AD. There are two main tours. One goes up the cliff-face past the cave dwellings. The second tour explores the mesa at the top of the cliffs where you'll see their ancestral pueblo. You can also take a combined tour. You must be accompanied by one of the Santa Clara guides. They're knowledgable about the history and customs of their people. Be aware that some information isn't shared with outsiders and be respectful if an answer seems incomplete or none whatever is offered. They sometimes hold special events at the site including Pueblo dances and pottery making (Santa Clara is known for its black pottery). Always call ahead as they sometimes close for ceremonial and other reasons. There is an admission charge.


300 Highway 30
Santa Fe, NM 87532

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Expert Tips by Billie Frank

Santa Fe Local Expert

Best Attractions & Activities: "After your tour, head to the Santa Clara Pueblo, 10 miles farther down the road. Visit Saint Clare Church and the Plaza and stop by some the pottery studios – they'll have signs out if they're open. Camera permits are required; stop at the Tribal Administration Building to purchase one."

Recommended as Best Attractions & Activities Because: This site made the list as it offers a unique opportunity to see extensive cliff dwellings and the mesa-top pueblo remains with Native American guides.

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