Things to do in Long Island, NY


Get Your Bearings in Long Island

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Avoid: Arriving too late at Long Island beaches; parking can fill fast!

Take It or Leave It: The North Fork has many great beaches as well, and it's a less expensive stay. Two short ferry rides will allow you to explore the Hamptons as a day trip.

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Hot Tips: If you plan to dine at one of Long Island's fine dining spots, be sure to dress in your most stylish attire.

Be Sure to Sample: Freshly caught fish, little neck clam on the half shell.

Caution: Although Long Island bars may appear low key, you should avoid dressing that way as you'll be out of place among a very well attired crowd.

Hot Tips: Shopping does not come cheap on Long Island; expect to pay tax on clothes and a premium on food.

Best Local Souvenir: Wine from the vineyards.

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