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One of the most intense nightlife scenes in the Hamptons, Dune (formerly called Cain) bills itself as a primo gathering spot for vacationing celebs, models, and well-to-dos. In many ways, that's just what it is. DJs kick the house sound system into overdrive each night, and it's not uncommon for the dance floor to stay crowded until the lights come on at closing. Be sure you're dressed to the nines, or you won't even make it through the door. NB Formerly Jet East.

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The inn housing this summertime hotspot dates from the 1750s and has long been a haven for folks wanting to escape big-city worries. Now one of the largest nightclubs on Long Island with some 30,000 square feet, the aptly-named White House hosts awesome dance parties and great live music all season. The good times fire up in May and last until the fall, compelling hot locals and fashionable tourists to rub shoulders on the patio, bump and grind on the dance floor, or kick back in the lounge. Big names that have played and/or hosted parties here include the Blackeyed Peas Fergie and Kevin Dillon of Entourage fame.

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When the beautiful patrons at this club aren't breakin' it down on the dance floor, they're most likely gathered around one of three bars or lounging on stylish banquettes. However, the most coveted spot in the house, the VIP Red Room suite allures guests with flat screen TVs, complimentary champagne and a luxurious private bathroom. Reservations required for VIP suites.

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This dance club attracts hordes of stylishly clad 20- and 30-somethings, all of whom count themselves among the local elect if they're permitted inside to show off their dance moves. Dynamic light and sound shows and charismatic DJs ensure that the place stays lively well into the night. If you need a break from all the moving around, Tabu also offers comfortable lounge areas set with animal-print furniture. NB Thursdays' age requirement is 23 for women and 25 for men. Thursdays also offer comedy. On Fridays, the age requirement is 30, but on Saturdays it goes back to 23 and 25, respectively. Men must have a collared shirt and slacks.

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