10 Must-See Attractions near the New York Cruise Ports

No one on the planet will feel sorry for you if you are stuck in New York waiting for your cruise to depart. First of all, you are one of the rare people who is afforded a vacation. Secondly, New York is a city that doesn't even know the word "boredom." 

The main problem you have if you find yourself with time to spare around Manhattan or Brooklyn's Cruise Port Terminals is narrowing down the choices. Should you go into the city from Manhattan's Port and wander around Times Square, trying to respect the daily limit on your credit card? Should you try to meet a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall? Or from Brooklyn, should you do as the locals do and get some of the best Latin American food truck eats in town at Red Hook Ball Fields?

You may feel like there is nothing around the docked cruises, but you would be wrong. You can see some of New York's top attractions, whether you gaze at the Statue of Liberty from the cruise terminal itself or go to nearby Louis Valentino Jr. Park & Pier to catch a better glimpse. The world - including New York - is your oyster. 



If you find yourself waiting for a boat at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, you mind find yourself stuck for things to do. Luckily you are right in the vibrant neighborhood of Red Hook and are surrounded by options. Take a moment to wander down...  Read More



One of the most enjoyable spots near the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is Bait & Tackle. The location has been in Red Hook for over 100 years and was one of the first bars to open in the neighborhood as a social club and make-shift bait shop for...  Read More



What better excuse to be hanging out around the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal than Fort Defiance in Red Hook, Brooklyn? This café-bar boats a fantastic seasonal menu of American Cuisine, owned and operated by award-winning food and drink writer, St....  Read More

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
Photo courtesy of Phil Elsner


The aircraft carrier USS Intrepid participated in World War II's Pacific Campaign. Launched in 1943, this amazing aircraft survived five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. Now docked in the Hudson River, this 900-foot behemoth affords...  Read More



Sure, you could go on the regular subway, but it just wouldn't be as much fun. Just 2 miles away from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, get down and dirty at Downtown Brooklyn's homage to the underground. Situated in a historic subway station since...  Read More



These two sights represent freedom for millions of people, and the Statue of Liberty, a 450,000 pound gift from the people of France, is a must-see for anyone visiting the Big Apple. It used to have the lengthier title "The Statue of Liberty...  Read More

Theatre District


Host to some of the top performers of all time, Radio City Music Hall was built in 1932 with the slogan, "The Showplace of the Nation." Radio City was the brainchild of theatrical impresario "Roxy" Rothafel, who had earned a reputation as a...  Read More



Spanning from the South Street Seaport to Brooklyn Heights, the famous Brooklyn Bridge has ushered New Yorkers across the East River since 1883. A must-see for any visitor to the Big Apple, the best way to experience the bridge is to take the...  Read More



There are many active reasons that you may want to visit Red Hook Ball Park. A friendly game of Little League. A nice outdoor pool swim to exhaust the kids for a few hours. Even an indoor basketball court or pool tables. However, the real reason...  Read More



For nearly a century, the brightest lights, the biggest music, the longest parties and all the star power you could ask for have stemmed from along a few blocks of a street called Broadway. Some of the hardest working performers converge here in...  Read More


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