All Aboard: Hotels in New York City near the Cruise Port Terminal

Tourism in New York reaches over 50 million people every year. Many of those people come for the drama of Times Square, the beauty of the Statue of Liberty and the view from the Empire State Building. Other people come to rest their heads before embarking on an entirely different adventure. With one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, New York is almost as popular as a departure point as it is a destination unto itself.

If a journey by sea is in your future, these hotels are great places to rest your head before you set sail. The main concern while cruising is no longer scurvy, but whether you will be captured by the temptations of an all-day, every-day buffet. Before you embark on your adventure, consider resting ashore at one of these ten hotels, mostly less than a mile from the port. Even if you miss your wake-up call, it will be hard to miss your departure at the quay with these prime locations. Ink48 Hotel, for example, is just five blocks away from the port, providing an excellent link to the city as well as to the world beyond the island of Manhattan.

Get your sea legs ready by exploring one of America's most vibrant cities. All aboard!



The Hudson Hotel calls itself "cool" and although recognizing that is the antithesis of cool, they may be right. The innovative vision of design impresario Philippe Starck inspires the stylishly modern decor, with small yet well-equipped rooms...  Read More



This midtown Manhattan hotel has only 37 rooms with - guess what? - modern facilities. The Moderne is a boutique hotel that is designed to provide you with a more personal and spacious experience than you may get at your run-of-the-mill New York...  Read More



The Skyline Hotel is a mere 10 minute walk from Times Square, in the center of the Clinton/Hells Kitchen neighborhoods of New York City. The affordable rooms can be as small as 150 square feet: perfect for the traveller who only needs a bed to...  Read More



One of the many lights in Times Square belongs to this newly renovated Hilton that soars 44 stories high. Ideal for the traveller who likes to be in the heart of it all, this Hilton is located in the most congested area of New York, yet provides...  Read More



Most of us have stayed in a Hampton Inn. This fits the expectation but it also has a spacious interior by New York City standards. Located in the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood, this Hampton is just steps from Times Square and Radio City Music...  Read More



This hotel, just half a mile away from Manhattan's Cruise Port Terminal, has the feel of an urban resort. Fodor's named their outdoor garden one of the most beautiful in the world, which is ideal for sipping a cocktail or hanging OUT as they...  Read More



The Belvedere Hotel was built in the 1920s and retains an Art Deco charm that stands out in the sea of midtown Manhattan hotels. The earthy tones in each of the 352 rooms have modern touches, such as granite bathrooms and plush bedding that...  Read More



The Washington Jefferson Hotel is located near Times Square and New York's iconic Theatre District. As the best way to explore New York City is by foot, this couldn't be more ideally situated. Concierge services can help to secure you tickets or...  Read More



If you can't smile when declaring that you are staying at the Yotel Hotel, then you have become far too adult for your own good. Just 0.6 miles away from Manhattan's Cruise Port Terminal, this provides a glimpse of a New York life even if your...  Read More



Just a hop, skip and a boat ride away from Manhattan's Cruise Port Terminal, this is the perfect location for quick jaunts within New York City. This boutique hotel has stunning views of the Hudson River from many of the 222 guest rooms....  Read More


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