Bring Out Your Inner Pool Shark at New York's Best Billiards

Before we begin to write about the best billiards in New York, let us claim that we know there is a difference between pool and billiards. Both may be cue sports, but games can have different objectives, whether it is to pocket balls or to move those balls around the table in a precise way. The real objective for both is to look like you are barely trying when you are putting your heart and soul into a game. Be honest: these games are about playing it cool in front of your friends while slyly winning. We don't judge.

Rather than judging, we have more productively spent our time searching out the best places to play pool, billiards or snooker in New York. Expect a mix of novices and experts playing eight-ball and other variations of the game during busy nights out. Marvel at the skills on display at places like Amsterdam Billiards, or test your own mettle with a game of one-pocket and, just maybe, a friendly wager. If things get serious, you may want to join a league at a place like Gotham City Billiards Club, rather than subjecting your friends on a regular basis to your obsession with winning.

Let's rack 'em and shoot 'em, shall we? 

Joe Broadway's Billiards & Sports Pub
Photo courtesy of Joe Broadway's Billiards & Sports Pub


If you make the trip out to Staten Island, you want to be promised a good time. Joe Broadway's is that, with cozy booths for those times when you want to call eating wings a sport and a beautiful pool hall for when you need to prove your worth...  Read More



Take away the fussy features and get honest: sometimes you just want it to be about the pool. Park Billiards has over 20 pool tables to keep you busy, along with beer buckets and wings to make an evening of it. On weekends, DJs spin, but the...  Read More



Gotham City is the kind of pool hall you go to when you take the game seriously. When you can stare over the shaft of a stick with confidence and just enough of a pause to make your competition quiver. Sports memorabilia and model cars deck the...  Read More

Upper East Side


We will never get tired of pool puns, because there are just so many good ones. Case in point: Eastside Billiards has been "bustin' balls since 1991." This stuff just writes itself. This place prides itself on owning 16 Brunswick Gold Crown III...  Read More



Constantly rated as the top 24-hour pool hall. New York is famously into fusion and Space Billiards proves this with their combination of billiards with Korean vodka. Go to the 12th floor of a building in Koreatown to get there. You will know...  Read More

Flatiron District


The best place to shoot eight ball in the Flatiron, Slate also happens to feature a New American dining room and an ultra-cool VIP lounge area (called PLUS), a living room-inspired space with contemporary furniture, plasma screens, hardwood...  Read More

Flatiron District


Society Billiards & Bar is the kind of high end billiards bar that makes you want to dress up for the pool table. If you are having the kind of day where your aim is impressively on point, you might want to also go for the darts. Society...  Read More



If you have ever watched Jimmy Fallon, you know that the man has an affinity for games. Let's be honest, so do the rest of us. If you have an inclination to break out a giant game of Jenga or Connect 4, this is your bar. Even better, it has...  Read More

West Village


Live music and games: What more could be better? This basement-level dive, associated with jazzy Smalls on West 10th, is as classic as they come. There are no frills, no fancy themes, no cleverly-named cocktails. What attracts the West Village...  Read More



One of the city's " some would say the country's " most distinguished billiard clubs, Amsterdam is handsomely dressed with blond wood partitions and sleek, contemporary sensibility (straight, defined lines, sharp geometry and semi-private...  Read More


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