Why NYC Ranks as America's Top Sport City? Fans Teams Sports Bars

With iconic teams like the Mets, Rangers, Yankees, Giants and Jets, New Yorkers know their city is top dog when it comes to sports cities. And its sports bar owners know just the right vibe to appeal to spectators who need a place to cheer, groan, gulp their brews in front of giant-screen TVs. Depending on your hobbies and personality type, that either sounds like torture or heaven. If you are in the latter category, this list is for you. The major components of any popular sports bar are ideal for shaking off the stress of a day (unless your team is losing).

While New York may have already been crowned the city that never sleeps, these contenders are the bars that never stop playing sports. Meet your buddies for wings, nachos, and a full slate of football, basketball, boxing, baseball, hockey, and NASCAR. Even if you happen to come alone, you can count on finding a crowd to hang with...as long as you're wearing the right colors and logos. You know how these things go.

Some bars get specific with the team that they are rooting for. Watch a Green Bay Packers game at Kettle of Fish where during Packers games you won't have a choice to watch anything else. IF your sports passions extend beyond the Packers, go to Studio Square NYC for 30,000 square feet, with more than 40 flat screens and a massive 160 square foot garden screen. Want to cheer your team on in the lap of what feels like your own penthouse? Then Club 40/40 is your fit; subdued surroundings in the face of passion? Then Manhattan Proper is your ticket. Those are some stats to get behind.

Game on. Literally.



Watch the game. Drink some beers. Rinse. Repeat. The Village Pourhouse gets what it is all about (and it's not the hokey pokey). Whether you are participating in their famous Wednesday night trivia nights or watching a sports game with the ample...  Read More



Standings is likely referring to the fact that there are league standings inscribed on chalkboards, but it may also be tongue in cheek with the fact that you will likely be on your feet at this bar. In fact, there are only 10 barstools. This is...  Read More

Garment District
Legends New York City


Expect the unexpected at Legends, also known as the Football Factory. You don't always see white linen tablecloths and classic wood interiors at a sports bar, but at Legends, this is the case. Of course, it is still a casual dining experience...  Read More

West Village


This started as a Greenwich Village nabe bar back in 1950 but it distinguishes itself since it is also one of the favorite NYC bars of the four AFC/NFC Championship teams. Not every bar has that title, but Kettle of Fish does. This cozy...  Read More



Known as the Williamsburg Public House, the watchword is indeed Banter especially when the game is on, which is a bit ironic. Nonetheless, Banter is a great bar to marry beer and soccer. May they live happily ever after. You can even start your...  Read More



Just steps from trains and public transportation in one of NYC's hottest neighborhoods --Astoria you'll find Breaks Billiards & Bar, an adult playground. If you have an inclination to break out a giant game of Jenga or Connect 4, this is...  Read More



The lines have been drawn: this is New England patriot territory right in the heart of the Big Apple. They say you can't judge a bar based on the size of its nachos, but Professor Thom's carries a big stick when it comes to sports bars. There...  Read More



"Beer beer beer...I'm goin' for a beer. Beer beer beer...I'm goin' to drink some beer. I like drinking beer. Lovely, lovely beer." It's not our fault that we started out the blurb with these words. The catchy song on Studio Square NYC's website,...  Read More

Financial District


An after-work sports bar in the City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge neighborhood rich with vintage-feel decor, amazing service (even jovial) and definitely welcoming. The menu includes classics like wings, a chicken club, and mac and cheese, burgers, and...  Read More

Flatiron District


For all intents and purposes, this Flatiron spot is far too sexy to be thrown into the sports bar mix. This looks like a place where people with expensive taste in clothes and cognac (Read: A-listers) gather and indulge. Not surprisingly, 40/40...  Read More


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