Kick Up the Heat with an Asian Feast in New York City

Though Asian cuisine encompasses the tastes of multiple countries, from China to India, and Thailand to Japan, one thing is for certain: they're all delicious. Spices not regularly used in Western cooking pop up regularly and heat levels are often kicked into high gear, making Asian cuisine flavorful and exciting. 

For Asian food purists, places like Zabb Elee in Flushing regale diners with light and spicy tastes of Thailand, while those with a bent toward pushing the limits experiment with the bold flavors of their home continent. For those looking to test the waters, joints like Tamarind (Indian) or Momofuku Noodle Bar (fusion at its finest) are best. And still others, like the highly revered (and equally difficult to get into) Sushi Yasuda, take high-quality ingredients and showcase them with a precision and simplicity that's hard - if not impossible - to replicate.

Whether you're looking to light up your tongue with birds-eye chilies, or you'd rather enjoy a more refined dining experience, you'll have plenty to choose from in this list of the ten best Asian restaurants in New York City. Below, we dive into the pristine, the budget, the experimental and everything in between to bring you the best cuisine of the Eastern world. 

Red Egg


Known for its high-end dim sum and cocktail pairings, Red Egg's menu is an amalgamation of Cantonese comfort food - think fried wontons and pork dumplings - and more exotic dishes like cold sesame jelly fish with smoked pork knuckles. While the...  Read More



Stephen Starr, who is the man behind Philadelphia's acclaimed Striped Bass, brings NYers this huge, lavishly decorated restaurant. The main dining room recalls the opulence of a palace's great hall, and the smaller quarters sport stylish...  Read More



When Momofuku Noodle Bar opened in 2004, chef David Chang managed to convert a sea of hipsters and the people who love them over to the dark side (read: really, really good side). His weapon of choice? Pork buns. Today, Chang has secured his...  Read More



Upon entering Sushi Yasuda, one is immediately aware of the absence of art, decorations, or anything that might attract the eye. It is minimalist to the extreme with bamboo-plank walls and open spaces. This simplicity is reflected in Chef...  Read More



Royal Seafood landed itself on Eater's list of 38 Essential Restaurants in the fall of 2014, and for good reason. Not only has Royal earned its place among Chinatown's haunts, but it's also reasonably priced, which automatically gives it a leg...  Read More

Xi'an Famous Foods
Photo courtesy of Xi'an Famous Foods


Slink down a staircase into an unkempt basement and enter the family-run dungeon of Xi'an cuisine, Xi'an Famous. This 200-square-foot basement stall in Flushing is the original location of this recognized mini-chain, and was one of the first New...  Read More



When Zabb Elee opened their East Village outpost after years of serving exclusively out of their Queens digs, Thai purists went wild. Fast forward a few years later and foodies are still flocking in droves to 2nd Avenue for an authentic Isan...  Read More



Tamarind changed perceptions of what a modern Indian restaurant in New York could entail when it opened its doors. Crisp white linens, soft lighting, and service so attentive it could make the staff of the Four Seasons (discreetly) blush, the...  Read More

Lower East Side


Now re-opened on East Broadway in the Lower East Side, Mission Chinese has battled its way back after a rather rough year. Shuttered after troubles with the landlord, the restaurant was forced to pack its bags in 2014, though it continued...  Read More

Flatiron District
Photo courtesy of Atoboy


Easily the most buzzed about Asian restaurant of 2016 is Atoboy, a fine dining Korean joint helmed by a husband and wife duo with serious chops in the restaurant world. The meal here is a tapas-style tasting-menu, with 3 dishes (and rice)...  Read More


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