Where New Yorkers Go for the Staff of Life

This is just a sampling of what you will find in neighborhoods and we have not even touched the Arab, African or Asian communities yet. The diversity of breads, baguettes, grains, shapes and sizes reflect the colorful influx of immigrants to New York City with Guadalupana among the latest arrivals from Mexico. From Bialystock, Poland where Kossar’s Bagels and Bialys originated to Sicily where Madonia finds its roots, to the medieval town of Nusco that Michele Della Polla of Gian Piero calls home and roots for its soccer team, to the Parisian roots of Maison Kayser and the playful Dominique Ansel Bakery that invented the Cronut to Artopolis whose owner was once mayor of Ithaca, Greece. Judith Norell of Silver Moon is no transplant but a passionate breadmaker who left music to make bread. So it is no surprise that some of the best bakeies can be found not in trendy downtown hipster corners but in the neighborhoods they emigrated to: from Madonia on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, to Gian Piero in Astoria, Fortunato Brothers Café in Williamsburg and Cannelle’s in Jackson Heights, Queens, all of which will whip up elegant and decadent pastries daily that melt on the tongue and stay in the heart and the bread that is the true staff of life.

Greenwich Village


By the time you read this description of the fabulous Maison Kayser, there will be nearly a dozen shops from which to choose from the Upper West and East sides to Tribeca. Born in Paris at the hands of Eric Kayser in 1996, Kayser proved an...  Read More



Family-run, Sicilian bakery does a brisk business on Arthur Avenue just about every singled day. Headed by two owners who specialize in savory breads and are willing to try new combinations including the jalapeno bread, the ham and cheese, the...  Read More



When pastry chef Dominique Ansel opened his eponymous bakery on a tree-lined SoHo side street in 2011, it immediately won scores of local fans loyal to his miniature meringues, chocolate-covered canelle and flaky French pastries. What...  Read More



Cannelle Patisserie is a treasure that can only be found in the global mosaic known as Queens. Its customers arrive all morning from all over the world, such as Haiti, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Colombia and more. Pastry Chef Jean Claude...  Read More



Yes, finally real Mexican food has crossed the borders to New York City and we need not make do with imitation Tex-Mex. Yet, better to arrive sooner rather than later to this family-run Mexican bakery in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant or...  Read More



Fortunato Brother's Cafe in Williamsburg is a family-run pastry shop & cafe that turns out an artistic line-up of too-good-to-be-true pastries. Fortunato's is all about decadence with a full glass case of goodies made of marzipan, so...  Read More



Lucky for us, two Jewish guys from Bialystock, Poland arrived in New York with their traditional recipes only enhanced by New York City tap water. Ok so you know bagels, could it be you have never even heard of a bialy, the bagel's Polish...  Read More



After the lamb has been devoured and the fish stripped from the bone, you'll probably be in the mood for something sweet. In the world of Greek bakeries, Artopolis Bakery on 31st Street in Astoria is where you should go. The picture-perfect...  Read More



Practice your Italian, your Serbo-Croatian while sipping your cappuccino because the Adriatic runs through Astoria right here at Gian Piero's Bakery. Stacked up against the broad window at Gian Piero's are a golden crusted breads: with seeds,...  Read More



Judith Norell had a long career as concert harpsichordist before she retired and set her sights on her heartfelt passion: baking bread. She joined forces with Georgia Stamoulis and together they brought the first artisanal bakery to this part of...  Read More


Meet Maria Lisella

No matter how many countries Maria Lisella has visited (62), this native New Yorker finds the world at her doorstep in amazing Queens where its residents speak 138 languages.

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