Restaurants with the Best Value in New York

Get the Most Bang for Your Delicious Buck in New York City

When you tell someone you're going out to eat in New York City, they generally see dollar signs. This place can be expensive if you're not sure where to turn. Luckily, there are as many cheap eats as Michelin-stars, so it's not too difficult to strike a bargain. But what if you're not in the mood for bottom of the barrel? The streets are also packed with value buys where your dollar stretches just a wee bit further. 

For example, if you've got champagne tastes on an all-beer budget, you can snag deals at top rated joints for a fraction of the cost if you go at the right time. At Jean Georges, dinner will set you back big time. But lunch? You'll be wined and dined for just $48.

In Flatiron, the fast casual restaurant craze works in your favor at Made Nice. Helmed by the crew that also brings you Eleven Madison Park and The Nomad, it's a solid bite that you can have daily, if that's your thing. 

While it may be more difficult to find a value bite in the Big Apple than ever before, it's far from impossible. Let us prove it to you with this list of the 10 best value restaurants in New York.


East Village
Caracas Arepa Bar
Photo courtesy of Caracas

Caracas is kind of synonymous with the East Village. It's a staple. A tried-and-true spot to pick up an inexpensive bite without sacrificing any flavor. Born out of Venezuela, the arepa (naturally gluten-free) is essentially a corn cake that gets stuffed with everything from avocado and cheese to shredded beef, fish and pork.

To put another way: it's simply a vehicle for slamming tasty, slow-cooked things into your gullet in the same way a tortilla or pita is. Caracas is long-standing in a notoriously tough part of town to keep a restaurant open for a reason: it's good, cheap and fun.

Recommended for Best Value because: It's an East Village staple that serves up food at a fraction of the cost of its neighbors.

Andrea's expert tip: Parties larger than five people are discouraged, as the space is just too small.

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Made Nice

Helmed by the team behind Eleven Madison Park and The Nomad comes a fast casual restaurant that one can only hope sets the bar for the fast casual trend. Unassuming from the outside, Made Nice could easily be confused for just another office lunch spot. But in fact, it turns out fresh, high-quality items including a salmon rosti with a soft-boiled egg and dill-caper relish, or a watermelon-quinoa salad, topped with feta, chili and lime. Though it's sometimes tough to find a spot, turnover is fairly quick. Those on a budget could go for brunch, lunch AND dinner without breaking the bank, as meals range from $11-$15 and dessert will only set you back $6.

Recommended for Best Value because: It's high-quality fare, brought to you by the highest quality of chefs for pennies on the dollar of their other joints.

Andrea's expert tip: Dessert is often overlooked at a spot like this, but the milk and honey ice cream needs to be part of your order.

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Tasty Dumpling
Photo courtesy of Taste Trekker

Aptly named for their bite-sized morsels of doughy goodness, Tasty Dumpling has amassed a steady flow of regulars. A hole in the wall joint of epic proportions, don't expect to find pristine conditions or top notch service inside.

But we're in Chinatown - chances are you came for the cheap eats, not for the Michelin stars. The thing to order here are the fried pork and chive dumplings, which pack a good meat to dumpling ratio for a nominal fee ($1.25 for 5 of these bad boys).

Unlike some of the other spots around, you'll also find a few tables, so you can sit back and relax instead of scarfing down your goods on the go.

Recommended for Best Value because: Where else can you get dinner that tastes great for $1.25?

Andrea's expert tip: Tasty Dumpling is cash only.

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Though not technically a restaurant, no list on value eats would be complete without takeaway standby, George and Costas Souvlaki King. This street cart in Astoria has been a secret of locals for decades, but now thanks to the power of the Internet, New Yorkers the city over have caught on to its fame. Fare here is simple: grilled lamb souvlaki or chicken on a stick, on a platter or in a pita, each option served with a heaping portion of fries. Top it all off with cucumber, tomato, onion and tzatziki, and you've got yourself a well-rounded meal that could go toe-to-toe with any takeaway in town.

Recommended for Best Value because: Street food is some of the best value in the city, and George and Costas does it better than almost everyone.

Andrea's expert tip: Things here are simple, but it's best in good weather.

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Celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongrichten has a culinary empire that spans the globe, but his eponymous restaurant connected to the Upper West Side's Trump Hotel remains a gold standard for the chef's subtly Asian-inflected, French haute cuisine. While dinner will set you back a pretty penny, lunch is far more reasonable: a 2-course meal is just $48, with additional courses for $24, which makes Jean Georges the most affordable three star Michelin experience you can have in the city.

What will you get? Expect stalwart service and expense account-worthy cuisine while taking in the views of Central Park West and Columbus Circle from the dining room's floor-to-ceiling windows. And remember those three stars? Without interruption, Jean-Georges has held them since it opened its doors in 1997.

Recommended for Best Value because: Prices have been raised, but $48 still gets you lunch at one of the poshest spots in town.

Andrea's expert tip: Go for lunch to snag the savings. Dinner will ding your wallet.

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Lower East Side

Usually prix-fixe dinners can be a tad annoying, if for no other reason than their exorbitant costs. But at Contra in the Lower East Side, the prix-fixe is a welcomed surprise: a seasonally-focused, 6-course menu for just $74. Not too hungry? Save even more by partaking in the 3-course menu at the bar.

An unassuming exterior and quiet interior make room for the food to shine, which it does on nearly every iteration of the menu that's been rolled out since Contra opened up shop in 2013. The beauty of Contra lies in the notion that it's possible to create beautifully elaborate and innovative meals at a fraction of the cost without losing any clarity, vision or brilliance.

Recommended for Best Value because: It's a fraction of the cost of other tasting menus in the city.

Andrea's expert tip: Check the website for the most up-to-date menu from Contra.

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From their onsite gardening internships to their podcasts recorded at the Heritage Radio Network, pizza doesn't get any cooler than at Roberta's. But lest that dissuade you from trekking out to Bushwick for a nibble, let us ease your fears: while this hipster haven continually makes headlines with head-turning stories like the time they unrolled a weed-tasting menu, their drug-free food more than lives up its own hype. Wood tables and outdoor seating lend an air of casualness to the atmosphere here, and their wood-burning oven is prominently displayed. As for the pizzas? Carlo Mirarchi's pies feature produce grown onsite, and have cemented themselves as a must-eat on any New York pizza tour.

Recommended for Best Value because: You can get cheaper pizza elsewhere, but you'll miss out on the whole package of what makes Roberta's valuable.

Andrea's expert tip: For a unique Brooklyn dining experience, try the chef's tasting. It's not the famous pizza, but creations for only eight people at a time by chef Mirarchi. Reservations available in advance for tastings.

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You generally won't find many street carts on "best of" lists, but the rice noodle rolls on Elizabeth at Hester deserve time in the spotlight. Interestingly, there are two carts directly opposite one another -" both delicious, both viable options.

English is an afterthought here, so don't go armed with questions. Here's all you need to know: you want the minced pork roll, add the egg, and slather on the Sriracha and soy.

Don't even think about skipping the cilantro and onion, or traveling more than a block before popping open your Styrofoam box of yum. These gelatinous beauties lose their luster by the minute, so order and eat. Also, take note that the times listed are approximates - the rice carts don't play by traditional time rules, making them even more desirable to foodie fiends.

Recommended for Best Value because: Part of the allure is that it's a diamond in the rough. The other is that it's cheap, easy and oh-so-good.

Andrea's expert tip: The cart on the east side of the street is marginally better, but both are delicious.

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