Opa! The 10 Best Greek Restaurants in NYC

In the late 1890s and early 1900s, Greek immigrants left their hometowns and made the trek across the ocean to New York City. After passing through Ellis Island, many of them settled in Astoria, Queens, bringing with them generations of family members and a strong sense of cultural identity.

Today, Astoria is still home to a large percentage of New York’s Greek community, and luckily for the rest of us, they continue to maintain that sense of homeland pride in the form of grocery stores and restaurants – many of which have stood guard over Astoria’s family-centric streets for centuries.

Ask any New Yorker where to get a proper pita or a shot of tsipouro and they’ll direct your attention to this outer borough, which surprisingly is just a quick ride on the N train.

For Greek seafood, there’s no place quite like Taverna Kyclades, a mainstay at the end of the line where old yiayias hold court over plates of salmon steak and stuffed clams.

But what if you’re unwilling to hike to the outer boroughs to get your fill of grape leaves and moussaka? Fear not. The Greek influence has also made its way to Manhattan, where for slightly more cash you can satiate your cravings at joints like Pylos (pronounced Pee-‘los), a Zagat-rated superstar for 8 years running. 

Below, we peruse the magic of the Hellenic motherland with our list of the ten best Greek restaurants in New York. 



Though not technically a restaurant, no list on Greek cuisine would be complete without takeaway standby, George and Costas Souvlaki King. This street cart in Astoria has been a secret of locals for decades, but now thanks to the power of the...  Read More



Located just on the edge of Astoria Park, Agnanti opened up shop in 2002 to the delight of Greek purists, who lauded them for their take on traditional mezes and well-sized mains. Fast forward years later and Agnanti still doesn't disappoint....  Read More



Quite possibly the most well known restaurant on the list, Milos boasts locations in Montreal, Athens, Vegas, Miami and London, as well as New York. Don't let that dissuade you. While the wide spread exposure might be off-putting, the food is...  Read More



With the most extensive list of Greek wines in the United States, Molyvos certainly deserves a spot on our list. But it's not only their grape juice you should go for. Molyvos bills itself as a multi-sensory journey to the Aegean, and features...  Read More



Walking into the wide, spacious dining room at Kefi is like taking a breath of fresh ocean air. This Greek taverna, located on the Upper West Side, is the work of Donatella Arpaia and Executive Chef Michael Psilakis, Bon Appetit's Chef of the...  Read More

East Village


If you're looking to impress, Pylos is the spot to do it. Long, velvet curtains open to reveal a long, narrow restaurant, flanked with terra cotta pots and the colors you'd expect to find in Greece: blue and white. Upon inspection of the menu,...  Read More



Taverna Kyclades now has an outpost in the East Village on 1st Avenue. In a pinch, it'll do, but if you're itching for the true experience, get thee to Queens. When you get off the train at Ditmars, hang a right - you'll know you're in the right...  Read More



Elias Corner for Fish is another Astoria staple, though their menu is significantly smaller than both Agnanti and Taverna. In fact, it's so small that there's no menu at all. In lieu of a menu, diners choose their fish from the deli case up...  Read More



After the lamb has been devoured and the fish stripped from the bone, you'll probably be in the mood for something sweet. In the world of Greek bakeries, Artopolis Bakery on 31st Street in Queens is where you should go. The picture perfect...  Read More


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