A Mexican Revolution Spices Up the NY Dining Scene

Margaritas and guacamole may be the gateway for Americans to travel through before arriving at some of the most sensational and imaginative dishes new Mexican chefs are brining to New York. Their lineage ranges from learning from gifted home chefs to staffing elegant mainstays like Rosa Mexicano until a young chef named Chef Roberto Santibanez went off to find his own restaurant at Fonda’s. Meanwhile Richard Sandoval’s Maya presents Test Kitchen choices from one of Mexico’s 31 states twice a year and spunky females like Denisse Lina Chavez elbowed her way out of a tough situation to a near perfect one at El Atoradero. We are showing off holes-in-the-wall tacquerias like Los Portales in Astoria to giltzy, slick Anejo. Mexican dining spots are usually staffed with folks who know you do not know much about their menus, so tend to be helpful even in halting English. Try new things in small bites, at the bar, with friends and move on to prix-fixe menus, brunches and join the fiesta. Buen provecho! 




Served with onions, cilantro, radish and limes, the taco fillings at Los Portales range from the piquante el pastor to chicken, pork, veal flank, chorizo, and spicy pork on a corn tortilla. The more authentic offers include pork ear and beef...  Read More



Forget sombreros and festivals, this is a high-end, sophisticated dining experience in a white on white dining room reminiscent of the bleach white light of Mexico's coastal regions. Expect the unexpected: not a burrito or chile rellano in sight...  Read More



Part of the buzz on 10th Avenue's Restaurant Row arrived with a distinct Mexican flavor and top-shelf tequila. Executive Chef Ricardo Camacho culinary contributions have made Anejo into a wildly popular tequila restaurant and bar located in the...  Read More

Upper East Side


Chef Richard Sandoval's Maya has already snagged two Michelin forks for 2016. This chic, upscale restaurant is just a skip from Hunter College on the upper East Side. Its decor is accented by bright mango on the walls, dark furnishings and...  Read More



Tacombi was born on the Yucatan Peninsulain 2005. It mushroomed out of a VW Kombi, which has become an icon of this taco-slinging success story that migrated to four New York locations: Nolita, the flagship, Cafe El Presidente in Flatiron,...  Read More



Denisse Lina Chavez's New York story is not new: forced out of the Mott Haven, Bronx location by a punishing rent. From her cramped four-table digs in the Bronx, she found her sunny 32-seat (more during warm months in the garden) location in...  Read More



You've heard this before but it is definitely true here: authenticity is the core of what makes Casa Enrique that features cuisine of southern Mexico, a winner. Sibling to Cafe Henri that has occupied this corner of Long Island City for years...  Read More



Rosa Mexicana, which means Mexican Pink, was among the pioneers in 1984 to introduce New Yorkers to an elevated version of south-of-the-border delights. Still presided over by the incomparable Josefina Howard, she and her chefs continue to...  Read More



A native of Mexico City, a grad from Paris' top culinary institutions, award-winning Chef Roberto Santibanez added the titles of restaurateur, cookbook author, a tenure at Rosa Mexicano's before launching Fonda in 2009. Set in the East Village,...  Read More

Flatiron District


Known for his acclaimed restaurant Pujol in Mexico City, Cosme is Chef Enrique Olvera's first incursion into the U.S. His intention: to subvert everything you thought you knew about Mexican cuisine. Ever since the high-ceilinged Cosme opened in...  Read More


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