10 Places to Get an Authentic New York City Pizza Pie

Pizza in America started in New York City, slowly migrating to Boston, then eventually west to Chicago and beyond. But talk to any true pizza purist and he or she will tell you that if you want a slice of the real stuff, you'd best get yourself to the Big Apple. In recent years, New York's pizza scene has picked up another wave of momentum, bringing with it a rash of new takes on the classic pizza pie. 

Relative newcomers like Keste, home of the best gluten-free pizza in the city, or Roberta's, serving up hungry hipsters in Bushwick, have made a name for themselves in the New York pizza scene with high-quality ingredients and creative toppings. 

Still, unlike many cities where the places that made history have faltered and failed, New York's pizza institutions continue to stand strong. Places like Lombardi's - the first pizzeria in the United States, which opened in 1905 - still pack tables every night, and old standbys like John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street beckon crowds from all over the world. 

Whether you're in the market for a glimpse into the old-world, or you're ready to be rocked by the 21st century, our list outlines something for every preference. Let's dish it up. 



We're starting it off with an old-standby, but before you hop on the train you should know this: Lombardi's isn't technically the best slice in the city. It's good, yes. But the real charm and the reason we're including it on this list is...  Read More



Another New York pizza all-star is West Village staple, John's of Bleecker Street. John's has been around since 1929, and the 100-year-plus brick oven at John's still turns out pies just like it did from its very first location on Sullivan...  Read More

West Village


Right around the corner from John's you'll find another pizza institution, Joe's Pizza. An unassuming dive that serves up pizza by the slice, Joe's found its legs in 1975 when an Italian immigrant from Naples opened up shop on Carmine Street....  Read More



This charmingly dark and just a little bit ruckus pizza joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is the perfect old-world-meets-new pie combination. The interior is built from salvaged materials with the help of Build It Green NYC, and a wood-burning oven...  Read More

Staten Island


Family-owned since 1937, this Staten Island staple is best known for their drool-worthy clam pie. Loaded with briny bivalves and a generous heap of mozzarella, many say that this is the best clam pie on the Eastern seaboard. For those averse to...  Read More

East Village


Now with locations in the East Village and Williamsburg, Motorino first made waves with their "white" Brussels sprout pie, topped with smoked pancetta, garlic, mozzarella, pecorino and sea salt. Regulars also rave about their fior di latte - a...  Read More



From their onsite gardening internships to their podcasts recorded at the Heritage Radio Network, pizza doesn't get any cooler than at Roberta's. But lest that dissuade you from trekking out to Bushwick for a nibble, let us ease your fears:...  Read More



Lucali's Mark Iacono keeps things simple. Located in the sleepy neighborhood Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, Lucali's menu is written on a small chalkboard and is only two items: pizza and calzone. Choose your toppings, bring your own bottle of...  Read More



Walk past the bar, down the long hallway and straight into an Italian street-side trattoria. While the ambiance at Zero Otto Nove in the Bronx's Little Italy neighborhood is lovely, it's the wood-fired pizzas that are the name of the game. And...  Read More

West Village


Oh, Keste. Let us sing your praise. As a relative newcomer to the New York pizza scene, Keste has carved out a space for itself in the center of the West Village's historic pizza row. Located on Bleecker Street across from John's, Keste's...  Read More


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