10 of the Best Seafood Restaurants in New York City

New Yorkers have come to expect the best from their city's restaurants: the best steak, the best tacos, the best pancakes. The city's seafood is no different, and locals will travel to great lengths searching for the perfect plate.

Luckily, hungry pescavores don't have to go too far to stumble upon a seafood gem in the Big Apple - regardless of where you find yourself when the hunger strikes, there's a good chance fresh fish is nearby. 

When you're looking to impress (or when you've got your hands on the company card), there's none better than Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin, widely heralded as the best seafood - and often the best restaurant - in New York. The accolades reflect Ripert's attention-to-detail and obsession with quality - two factors that shine through on every plate.

Prefer a twist of culture with your meal? Give the Mediterranean a go with Italian-focused Marea, or the Greek powerhouse Estiatorio Milos - both high-end joints that will wow even the most discerning palates. 

Below, we do the deep sea diving for you, plucking the top ten seafood restaurants out from the net and delivering them directly to your desktop.



Helmed by the same dude who owns The Meatball Shop (Michael Chernow), Seamore's has five locations around town and specializes in one type of fare: seafood. From the $1 oyster happy hour on weekdays between 3 - 6:30PM to the very un-New...  Read More

East Village


Craft beer and cracked oysters is the name of the game at Upstate, a relative newcomer to the East Village. Italian-esque throughout the rest of its menu, this spot is trendy, but not too cool for school that you can't kick back and relax. With...  Read More

Union Square


Sleek, understated lines, and a sky high dining room ceiling meld with white-striped glass windows that make dining here an airy affair. Though you're surrounded by glass, the atmosphere feels somehow cozy - warm fuzzies that are only amplified...  Read More

Lure Fishbar


Walking into Lure feels a bit like entering an extremely chic submarine. From the portholes and teak paneling, to angular passageways and cabin-inspired private rooms, Lure certainly impresses first-timers with its luxury liner motif. That said,...  Read More

Upper East Side


With over 20 different types of mussels on the menu, Flex pairs these PEI bi-valves with sauces that pay homage to yes, the French tradition, but also to India, Thailand, Italy - even Copenhagen. While there's a collection of salads on the menu,...  Read More



Taverna Kyclades now has an outpost in the East Village on 1st Avenue. In a pinch, it'll do, but if you're itching for the true experience, get yourself to Queens. When you get off the train at Ditmars, hang a right - you'll know you're in the...  Read More



Celebrity chef Eric Ripert has created a New York space that's romantic, refined and seductive, while still managing to infuse his French-Spanish influence into every corner. Le Bernardin, regarded by many as the best restaurant in NYC, has...  Read More



What do you get when you mix an ingredients-driven, award-winning Italian menu, impeccable service, and a fantastic wine list with more than 750 selections? The answer is Marea. Meaning "tide" in Italian, Marea is manned by Chef Michael White...  Read More



Greek-focused Estiatorio Milos boasts locations in Montreal, Athens, Vegas, Miami and London, as well as New York. Don't let that dissuade you. While the wide spread exposure might be off-putting, the food is most certainly not. Beware that the...  Read More



Regulars will tell you that the widest variety of oysters in the city can be found at Aquagrill, an unassuming corner spot in the SoHo. With bi-valves piled high atop the bar, and a seafood list nearly as tall as the stacks, Aquagrill is a high...  Read More


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