New York's Best Street Food: Sorry, Restaurants

When you are moving and shaking and moving some more in New York City, you get hungry. You need something you can put in one hand, while your cell phone is in the other, moving your feet at the rapid city pace that is the norm for this part of the country.

What better than street food to fill any suggestions of emptiness in your stomach? While street food was once considered a last choice option, it has arguably become more popular than sit-down restaurants. Food trucks are still on their meteoric rise and before they crash and burn, we would like one more taco, please.

Have some Korean BBQ in an unexpected format with Korilla BBQ. A burrito with kimchi slaw and smokey sauce might not be found on the streets of Mexico, but that is why you are eating in New York City. 

Perhaps the smell of New York's dirty water dogs is making you crave vegetables. The cult-following behind The Cinnamon Snail should be all the review you need. People line up on the coldest and rainiest days for a hit of Creme Brulee donuts. There are some things worth suffering for.

No need to leave the pulse of New York's streets, pretty much ever. Get out there and open wide.



If langos have been in the category of "foods I have not yet tried" or "foods that I have no idea about," then it is time to get educated. It is sometimes thought of as Hungarian pizza, but the fried dough, eaten fresh and warm with garlic, sour...  Read More



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Snowday Food Truck
Photo courtesy of Snowday Food Truck Facebook page


There is a word for you if you love maple syrup. No, it's not Canadian. It's a Maple-ite. Snowday Food Truck may have invented the term, but they deserve it, with a menu of what they call "gourmet lumberjack." Maple syrup features heavily, with...  Read More



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Here is a New Year's resolution you can stick to: eat more grilled cheese this year. And why not? It's good for the soul and it reduces stress. The Morris Truck is a prime way to stay on top of this resolution with buttery and crunchy bread...  Read More

Theatre District


On the website of Nunchas, they quote a customer as saying, "So, like, I don't want to be overdramatic, but the Argentinian beef empanadas are the light of my life and I die a little every day we can't be together." Although that certainly is...  Read More



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