Modern Miracle: New York's Top Takeouts Save the Day

In the song "Carry Out," Justin Timberlake sings, "Number one, I'll take two number three's/That's a whole lot of you and a side of me." Frankly, take out isn't that sexy in our lives. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't an incredibly valuable thing on those nights when you have the dangerous combination of hunger and exhaustion. When your day has beaten you down to the point where you can barely turn on your stove, what other choice do you have?

Take out in New York is aplenty, whether you envision yourself indulging in the slurpy noodles of your infatuation at Momofuku Noodle Bar or getting in on the salad craze at Chopt. In a city that never sleeps, there is rarely time to eat well. These meals can be eaten on the subway or while you speed walk to work (well, maybe not those noodles). New Yorkers are nothing but darn fine multitaskers.

Eat and run, or sit in your pajamas and binge watch Netflix. Whether your day consists of a to-do list of epic proportions or the simple goal to get out of your bathrobe is no concern to these take out restaurants. They just want to feed you and feed you well. It is as simple (and as delicious) as that.



Hands up if the salads you are concocting at home are boring you. You may know to add greens, but are you also adding another ten ingredients? Who has the kind of time? Chopt has the mission to change fast food, one salad at a time. Salad...  Read More



If you are looking for quick eats that are a little different and a lot healthy, Taim is the way to go. Falafel, sandwiches, salads and smoothies can be found at the two locations of Taim (as well as their roaming food truck). Fitting with the...  Read More



Whether you decide to go to the Upper or Lower East side, there is a slice of pizza that New Yorkers swear by (and urbanites are serious about their pizza). Rizzos specializes in thin crusted Sicilian style pizza that is cut into squares. If you...  Read More



Served with onions, cilantro, radish and limes, the taco fillings at Los Portales range from the piquante el pastor to chicken, pork, veal flank, chorizo, and spicy pork on a corn tortilla. The more authentic offers include pork ear and beef...  Read More



Kalustyan's has become a landmark for foods of the world. Step inside for a multi cultural experience all your senses will thank you for. Heady aromas captivate you upon entering the shop. Technically, a specialty store that sells shelves upon...  Read More



Mass produced burgers used to taste just fine. Then New York became even more epicurious and the burger world needed to follow suit and just do better. With two New York locations churning out delicious burger creations that are made "for you"...  Read More



Although Il Bambino is technically a sit down restaurant, we couldn't leave it out of our list for take out favorites. Panini are lusciously filling and with ingredients like goat cheese and mushrooms or gorgonzola and fig spread, this is...  Read More



Say the word "vegan" and you are hit with polarizing responses. Blossom Du Jour takes the people who generally make a face when presented with vegan options and seamlessly converts the yucky faces into smiles. Even if your diet generally...  Read More

West Village


If there is one thing that you don't want your birds to be, it's dirty. Or so you thought. Dirty Bird To Go has the philosophy of fast food done slow. Indulge in a kale salad with lemon pecorino dressing or a chopped salad with cornbread...  Read More



When Momofuku Noodle Bar opened in 2004, chef David Chang managed to convert a sea of hipsters and the people who love them over to the dark side (read: really, really good side). His weapon of choice? Pork buns. Today, Chang has secured his...  Read More


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