Things to do in Outer Banks, NC


Get Your Bearings in Outer Banks

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Caution: If you decide to cruise down Corrolla Beach, make sure your vehicle has four-wheel drive. The beach is littered with tourists whose station wagons get stuck in the deep sand.

Hot Tips: The vast majority of lodging options are beach-house rentals, not traditional hotels.

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Caution: A trip to and from Ocracoke Island requires a short ferry ride that can have long lines at dinner time. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to make your reservation without missing the boat that carries you home.

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Hot Tips: Many of the OBX's best bars are open-air and the weather can be cool and windy even on summer nights. Be sure to grab a jacket or a sweater.

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Best Local Souvenir: The popular "OBX" sticker, once used as a ferry pass for locals, can be found on cars all over the United States.

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