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Hot Tips: As with the hotels, many of OsloÂ's attractions stand along Karl Johans Gate and parallel streets.

Hot Tips: Most of OsloÂ's hotels are located in its Â"SentrumÂ" (or Center), and along Karl Johans Gate (Street), which stretches between Â"Oslo S StationÂ"–the cityÂ's Â"sentraleÂ" (central) train station (also called Jernbanetorget)–and the Royal Palace.

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Hot Tips: Norway is known for bad coffee–a fact that neighboring Swedes cannot stomach! ItÂ's a real challenge to find non-instant coffee in Oslo.

Hot Tips: Lutefisk (if vising around the holidays), gravlaks (sugar-and-salt cured salmon), game, sausage and potatoes.

Hot Tips: You thought a night out in New York was expensive? You havenÂ't seen expensive until youÂ've had a few drinks in Oslo.

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Hot Tips: Keep your eyes peeled for traditional wool sweaters, smoked salmon, Porsgrund porcelain and trolls.

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