This water park is located in the eastern part of Oslo and features a swimming hall and open-air pools along with a waterslide, sauna, and indoor climbing wall. The outdoor pool is open year round. The park provides a dressing room and shower facilities and a separate pool for very small children. A small café is on the premises.

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Copenhagen's Tivoli was the model for this amusement park. Filled with loop and corkscrew-style roller coasters, it also offers a waterpark, a 67-meter spaceshot, carousels, and more than 20 other rides. Restaurants, souvenir shops, an amphitheater, games, and entertainment are part of the appeal as well. Plus, within the grounds is the famous, educational theme park Vikinglandent, which can be booked for special events. A bus makes regular runs between Oslo's main bus station and TusenFryd each day the park is open.

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Located near the Botanical Gardens, behind Toyenbadet, this park is ideal for a picnic, a game of Frisbee or simply relaxing. Enjoy marvelous views from inside the city.

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The Sculpture Bridge is part of a collection of works by sculptor Gustave Vigeland and is permanently erected in Vigeland Park. The central theme of the works on the bridge is family. The left side of the bridge depicts mother-child dynamics and features a proud mother, an anxious mother, and a quarreling mother and child. On the right, Vigeland shows us fathers and children. Children displaying various moods stand on either side of the bridge's centerpiece, which depicts life as a circle with no beginning or no end.

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One of Oslo's most beautiful public parks, this wide-open space west of Frognerparken contains the life's work of Gustav Vigeland, perhaps Norway's most revered sculptor. More than 200 Vigeland masterpieces are on display, including the bronze "Sinnataggen" (Angry Boy) and "Monolitten," a 17-meter spire flanked by 121 commanding figures, all composed of a single piece of white granite. A visitor center is located near the wrought-iron main gate, and there you'll find a souvenir shop and Kafé Vigeland, which serves sandwiches, soups, coffees, and desserts. T-BANE: Majorstuen; TRAM: 12 to Vigelandsparken

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This castle park, which surrounds the Royal Palace, is open to the public. Visitors can witness the changing of the guard in the early afternoon. When the king is in residence, the Royal Guard band accompanies the change with music. An equestrian statue of King Karl Johan, who ruled Norway and Sweden during the first half of the 19th century, stands in front of the castle. T-BANE: Nationaltheateret

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These well-tended gardens, open year-round, cover almost 40 acres and surround the university museums. Visit the scientific-oriented Systematic Garden, The Economic Garden with plants known for practical uses whether edible, medicinal, and fiber or dye-properties. Also includes The Rock Garden, a miniature landscape of valleys, waterfalls, ridges and plants and The Palm House where plants from the desert and tropics are featured.

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Stroll the tree-lined paths of this wonderful park. A quiet stream meanders the length of the park and ends at a small pond. An outdoor café at the top of the park is an ideal spot for refreshments.

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Stroll the walking paths along the Arkeselva River and discover remnants of the Industrial Revolution in the old mills, factories and workshops. Enjoy swimming, fishing and canoeing along the river's banks. The park begins at Maridalsvannet Lake and ends at Vaterland Park near the harbor.

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