Fine Dining

When you're looking for ambience as much as food, stellar restaurants can be hard to come by. After all, you want the whole package, not just a suitable meal. Fortunately, Oslo delivers in spades. The city promises a superb selection of restaurants to sate your desire for Fine Dining. These places take care of the details, making you feel welcomed, plying you with wonderful dishes, and sending you on your way with an experience you won't soon forget. For a hint of the quality, consider Babette's Gjestehus, which, along with Hos Thea and the rest, epitomizes fine dining in Oslo.

Restaurant Det Gamle Raadhus


Located in Oslo's former Town Hall, which dates to 1641, this spacious dining room features traditional Norwegian seafood and game specialties. Lutefisk, a Scandinavian dish made from dried fish that has been soaked in lye and then poached in...  Read More

Babette's Gjestehus


Cited by locals as one of Oslo's finest restaurants, this charming place is decorated in the style of a turn-of-the-century Norwegian home with blue walls, antiques, and lace curtains. The traditional menu features delicious game dishes,...  Read More

Central Oslo


Located in the Paleet shopping area, this upscale museum-like restaurant was once the premier hangout for famous authors. The menu includes excellent, traditional Norwegian seafood and game dishes, such as grilled filet of redfish and scallops...  Read More



This charming Norwegian restaurant is situated in a train station located between the Town Hall and the waterfront. The excellent Norwegian menu features "tre lakser," which is salmon that is smoked, marinated in aquavit, and pickled, and...  Read More

Central Oslo
Engebret Café


This delightful restaurant was established in 1857 and has retained its 19th century interior. It is located beside the old Christiania Theatre and just north of Akershus Castle and was once a popular destination for writers and artists. The...  Read More



This charming and intimate restaurant features a traditional Norwegian décor and has a loyal following among those active in the arts and media. The seasonal menu is fit for a queen (she is a regular) and may include venison with a sauce of...  Read More

Restaurant Julius Fritzner


This impressive restaurant is located in the prestigious Grand Hotel. The seasonal gourmet menu features Norwegian and International cuisine that may include pan-fried turbot, roast saddle of lamb with rosemary, poached halibut with vermouth...  Read More