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From all the shops and stores in a city, 10Best narrows the options to those places with the most appeal and the best offerings. We deliver a carefully vetted selection to let you explore Oslo shopping on your own. If time is really tight, though, and you don't have the leisure to look through all our offerings, we present our Best Shopping list for Oslo. Here, we distill the best businesses down to a special selection of ten. These places promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can't miss.


Central Oslo

If Oslo has a main street, bustling Karl Johans gate definitely qualifies. The broad, pedestrian-friendly street begins at the Royal Palace and runs southeast before it terminates at Oslo S. Among the must-stops for international travelers along its course are the enormous Tanum bookstore and the Paleet shopping complex. In addition to the hundreds of stores, restaurants, and bars located along Karl Johans, street vendors and entertainers gather their fair share of attention too. T-BANE: Nationaltheatret and Stortinget

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Central Oslo

One of Norway's largest book stores, Tanum is located in the Paleet shopping center. It carries a comprehensive selection of gifts, cards, souvenirs, and videos, making it a great place to pick up items for folks back home. As for books, it's possible to spend hours upon hours perusing the shelves for subjects ranging from local history and the arts to travel and literature. International travelers are happy to find many French, German, and English editions available. T-BANE: Stortinget or Nationaltheatret

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Central Oslo

Ever-busy, this high-end department store features a wide inventory of housewares, gift items, apparel, shoes, fine cosmetics, furnishings, toys, and even duty-free shopping. GlasMagasinet has been an Oslo favorite since the 1730s, and over the years, they've perfected the art of retailing like few places have. In fact, the store is so well organized that once you step inside, you'll feel as if you're not shopping at one big store but at several small specialty shops. T-BANE: Stortinget; BUS: 37 and 46 to Stortorvet; TRAM: 10, 11, 17, and 18 to Stortorvet

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Central Oslo

This stylish gallery has devotees all over the world because it showcases such an impressive inventory of glassware, ceramics, and pottery. Many items are fashioned by well-known Norwegian and European designers like Astrid Hansen, Irene Harvik, Johan Mæhlum, Ole Martin Skau and Karl Olav Olsen. In addition, the store's sleek shelves and fixtures feature beautiful designer clothing and hand-painted silk accessories. T-BANE: Stortinget or Jernbanetorget

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Central Oslo

Norway's largest and, perhaps, most popular department store, Steen and Strøm features five floors filled with high-quality fashions at prices that fit just about any budget. Displays of handmade clothing, particularly sweaters, appeal to most international travelers, and Steen and Strøm is careful to promote Scandinavian designs in everything from pewter dinnerware to Norwegian art. T-BANE: Stortinget

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Central Oslo

The capital city's largest and busiest shopping center is located near Oslo S, the airport train terminal, and the exclusive Radisson SAS Plaza. Its multiple levels are packed with a wide assortment of specialty shops and fast food restaurants. As a result, Oslo City's ultra-sleek retail venues and corridors see traffic (most of it from international travelers) throughout the business day. T-BANE, TRAM or BUS: Jembanetorget/Oslo S

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BÆrums Verk

An old ironworks village located almost an hour west of Oslo, intimate Bærums Verk offers a unique shopping experience. The entire village has been restored to match – and even surpass – its original 17th-century charm, and where once stood workshops for skilled laborers are now more than 60 cozy galleries, craft shops, boutiques, and bookstores. The village also features an ironworks museum, and the rocky stream that runs through the village affords extraordinary opportunities for a snapshot or two. If you need to grab something to eat while shopping, the village's Pannekakehuset serves pancakes par excellence. BUS: 143 or 753 to Bærums Verk

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Central Oslo

Arguably the most exclusive address on Karl Johans gate (excepting, perhaps, the Royal Palace!), this center features an exclusive array of shops and restaurants. Opulent and sophisticated, the complex is worth visiting if for no other reason than to enjoy its architecture – after entering from Karl Johans, visitors are greeted by a grand glass-and-slate atrium that features a bronze statue of a female ice skater. Make no mistake about it: Paléet is where Oslo's movers and shakers shop for everything from suits and sweaters to cosmetics and leather accessories. T-BANE: Stortinget

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Central Oslo

Located next to Oslo Central Station (a.k.a., Oslo S), this ultra-modern, glass-and-steel structure is one of the capital city's newest, trendiest shopping centers. More than 70 exclusive specialty shops and stores occupy two levels, and the center features a handful of restaurants. Angled glass along the ceiling permits plenty of natural light during the day, and the atrium-style interior features contemporary art. Meanwhile, wide, uncluttered corridors give shoppers the impression that they're not in an enclosed area. Byporten also features an underground car park. T-BANE, BUS or TRAM: Jernbanetorget/Oslo S

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One of Oslo's most popular shopping destinations, Aker Brygge is a unique waterfront complex that hosts some of the city's finest shops, restaurants, pubs, theaters, galleries, and cultural diversions. The center sits near the mouth of the Oslofjord – on the site of a former ship-building yard – and is home to beautifully renovated buildings that unite former and current architectural styles. Lovely public areas lead visitors right up to the waterside, and it's not uncommon to find boats tied up along the docks, their crews busy browsing the sales racks of nearby stores. T-BANE: Nationaltheateret; BUS: 21, 30, 31, 33, 54, 71 to Aker Brygge; TRAM: 10 and 12 to Aker Brygge

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