Women's Clothing

A lot goes into cultivating a professional and a well-coordinated image, and clothes are a major component. That's why you want to shop smart and shop for the best. Our editors understand the importance and have vetted tons of local businesses to bring you the best women's clothing shops in Oslo. From suits to separates, casual wear to evening wear, 10Best points out the top entries in the field. Among them are places like Meduza, which offers reasonably priced alternatives, and GlasMagasinet, which finds lots of appeal with 10Best readers.


This shop boasts one of Oslo's most interesting storefronts and offers trendy clothing and fabulous accessories.

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Central Oslo

Norway's largest and, perhaps, most popular department store, Steen and Strøm features five floors filled with high-quality fashions at prices that fit just about any budget. Displays of handmade clothing, particularly sweaters, appeal to most international travelers, and Steen and Strøm is careful to promote Scandinavian designs in everything from pewter dinnerware to Norwegian art. T-BANE: Stortinget

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Located on the second level of the Akker Brygge shopping center, this quaint and exclusive shop features high-end designer labels such as Versace and Aigner.

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Central Oslo

One in a chain of successful Spanish shops, this store offers two distinct collections of women's wear. Elegant simplicity defines the first with understated design and exquisite classic detailing. The second collection is more urbane and trendy. The shop also features a complete array of accessories from shoes to handbags, scarves, and jewelry.

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Central Oslo

This wonderful women's shop features classically trendy clothing that is fashionable yet not overdone. Friendly service and reasonable prices characterize this lovely store.

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This shop features its own line of high quality women's clothing in seasonal styles and colors. They offer a beautiful selection of casual and dress attire.

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Central Oslo

Ever-busy, this high-end department store features a wide inventory of housewares, gift items, apparel, shoes, fine cosmetics, furnishings, toys, and even duty-free shopping. GlasMagasinet has been an Oslo favorite since the 1730s, and over the years, they've perfected the art of retailing like few places have. In fact, the store is so well organized that once you step inside, you'll feel as if you're not shopping at one big store but at several small specialty shops. T-BANE: Stortinget; BUS: 37 and 46 to Stortorvet; TRAM: 10, 11, 17, and 18 to Stortorvet

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Located in the exclusive Paleet shopping area, this designer shop features the trendy Karla label of women's clothing. It is also a hot spot for lively party-wear.

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Located in the exclusive Paleet shopping area, this designer shop features the chic Marina Rinaldi label.

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This Swedish company has locations not only all over Oslo but throughout Europe as well. With a watchful eye on the newest trends, Hennes and Mauritz is able to offer a wide range of quality designer-style fashions at reasonable prices. Outfit the entire family. Everyone will find something to suit their individual tastes.

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