10 Things to Do with Kids in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has been a growing city for years with many young people relocating here to start a career. These people have gone on to marry and have children and the city has continued to evolve to accommodate the needs of families. With this growth Portland has truly become a fantastic destination for families.

Portland, Oregon was already home to one of the best zoos and best science museums in the nation, but now it is home to so many more things to do with kids.

Part of the planning for Portland's city parks has been making sure they are kid friendly and fun. That is way Portland has so many unique parks for kids like Director Park, a park with a  fountain for the kids to play in.

Just like the city parks many of Portland's community centers have been updated and remodeled. We have included the Mt. Scott Community Center, because it has been updated and has an awesome indoor pool now.

No matter what activity your kids like to do Portland is sure to not only offer that activity, but likely to have multiple places that offer that activity to choose from. 



Pips & Bounce is a ping pong bar. That's right an entire bar dedicated to ping pong with 10 ping-pong tables and hundreds of paddles. You can reserve a table in 30-minute increments, or take your chances and just walk in. Families with kids...  Read More



Punch Bowl Social is a decked out bowling alley inside Pioneer Place Mall. The bowling lanes are spread out through the facility to give you a more private experience. They also have private karaoke rooms were only you and your friends will be...  Read More

Alphabet District


Playdate PDX is a 7,500 square foot indoor play place for children near the Pearl District in downtown Portland, Oregon. Upon entering children are greeted by a castle where once inside there is all kinds of fun including an interactive light...  Read More

Financial District


Washington Park is next to downtown Portland and home to one of the best playground in the city. This park offers residents and visitors 130 acres of lawns and gardens, with trails that connect to Forest Park and the Pittock Mansion. The park is...  Read More



Oaks Amusement Park is one of the oldest, continuously operating amusement parks in the country. Built in the early 1900's, Oaks Park is a collection of classic entertainment and smaller thrill rides. Hidden away in Southeast Portland, the...  Read More



Director Park is a public piazza right in the heart of downtown Portland. This park sits on top of an underground parking garage. Here they have a large fountain feature that doubles as a splash pad for kids on hot days. Director Park offers...  Read More



Mt. Scott Community Center & Pool is home to another one of Portland's remarkable indoor pool facilities and it also has an indoor roller skating rink. Their pool offers an open swim time everyday in addition to lessons. The pool has a lazy...  Read More

Financial District


Combing fun and education, the Portland Children's Museum encourages an interactive, hands-on approach to learning. Exhibits span subjects ranging from gravity to medicine and include favorites like the grocery store and cafe, which allows...  Read More

Financial District


Spanning 64 acres in Washington Park, the massive Oregon Zoo offers children the chance to see their favorite animals up close and is one of the largest attractions in Oregon. Here, more than 1,000 animals reside in natural, expertly designed...  Read More



Known by the acronym OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a favorite family day trip for locals and tourists alike. Kid's will find a wide range of interactive exhibits that both educate and fascinate. Younger children have a...  Read More


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