Alphabet District

With a hint of British authenticity and friendliness, this intimate pub is a great choice for an evening out. The ambience isn't overbearing, and patrons feel just as comfortable chatting quietly or leafing through a magazine as they do downing...  Read More

Blue Moon Tavern & Grill

Reborn and rebuilt following a devastating fire, this pub recaptures the flavor of the old establishment while offering new opportunities for merry-making. The spacious area offers communal tables where you can gather and partake of local brews,...  Read More

McMenamin's Kennedy School

Built in 1915, this architecturally beautiful structure served generations of students before being closed in 1980. Following a series of renovations, it reopened as a neighborhood entertainment facility. These days, it houses a bed and...  Read More

Lively, cozy and much-loved, Kells offers an Irish experience tempered just a bit by its northwestern locale. The busy bar is a good place to meet people, while the stone fireplace invites relaxing on cool, damp days. A wealth of brews,...  Read More

Dim and atmospheric in the Old World tradition, this much-loved pub provides authentic English food and ale in a casual setting. Its selection of beers is global, and the place even serves microbrews that commemorate the pub's 20th and 25th...  Read More

Southeast Portland
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

This smoke-free microbrewery is a fun place to go for house-brewed beers and delicious sandwiches. The crowd tends to be the upwardly mobile young professionals ready to slake their seemingly endless thirst with tasty selections like Black Lab...  Read More

Nob Hill
Dublin Pub

Although the Dublin doesn't serve hard liquor, you'll never miss it with the pub's amazing array of draught beers (not to mention its wines). This Irish-themed establishment has more than 80 varieties available, and microbrews from local and...  Read More