Best Local Brew Pubs in Beertown (Aka Portland)

Brew pubs have long been a substantial and important part of Portland’s nightlife. The city currently has over 70 microbreweries and that number continues to rise. Portland is often considered to be the Beer Capitol of the World. Many of Portland’s breweries have become famous for their beers, shipping their beers all over the world. Each Portland brew pub is unique and has their own theme and dynamic. Portland’s brew pubs are almost always family friendly and many of them have play areas for children. All of the brew pubs serve food. Often the food is organic and locally sourced. Brew pubs tend to care about the food they serve just as much as the care about crafting the perfect beer. Frequenting brew pubs is a part of the Portland culture and a must for any visitor.

In addition to having more microbreweries then anyone else in the world Portland hosts huge beer festivals. Portland annually hosts the Oregon Brewers Festival, Spring Beer and Wine Festival, North American Organic Brewers Festival, the Portland International Beerfest, and the Holiday Ale Festival.

We've listed the top ten brew pubs in Portland based on their beer, food, atmosphere, and uniqueness. All of the brew pubs included are in downtown Portland or nearby. We've included the most environmentally considerate brew pub, Hopworks BikeBar and the most kid friendly brew pub, Laurelwood Brewery. We've included locals favorites Deschutes Brewery and Rogue, both in the Pearl District.




Fat Head's Brewery is one of the newest breweries in Portland. Fat Head's Brewery features 25 beers on tap including 13 of their own craft beers and 11 guest beers on tap from around the Portland area. The food is just as good as their beer....  Read More

Kells Brew Pub


Kells Irish Pub joined Portland's craft beer scene last year when they opened their own brewery, Kells Brew Pub. Their new relaxed location includes a on site brewery, a family friendly restaurant, and a bar. Currently they offer three of their...  Read More

North Portland


Oregon Public House has successfully combined two of Oregonians favorite things good beer and supporting charitable causes. The Oregon Public House serves a variety of food including vegetarian options. On tap you will find 12 beers including...  Read More

North Portland
Hopworks Bikebar


In 2011 Hopworks Urban brewery expanded by opening another environmentally conscious brew pub, Hopworks Bikebar, a bicycle themed brew pub. They offer organic beer and fresh organic food in a family friendly atmosphere. Here you can sit in one...  Read More

Northeast Portland
Laurelwood NW Public House


Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, also known as Laurelwood Brewery is an enjoyable relaxed brew pub for anyone, including families. Not only is their food and micro beers delicious, but it's all certified organic and free range. Laurelwood...  Read More

Southeast Portland
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub


Started in 1994 by two friends that grew up here in Portland. Lucky Labrador brews their craft beers from solar thermal water heating and without carbon dioxide. This microbrewery, along with it's three other locations here in Portland, is a fun...  Read More

BridgePort BrewPub


Oregon's oldest craft brewery, The Bridgeport brewpub is housed in one of Portland's oldest industrial buildings. Covered in ivy, the brick Cordage Company building was erected in 1886. Since 1984 it has been the home both of BridgePort's...  Read More



10 Barrel Brewing Co. opened a Portland location in the Pearl District in 2015 after getting its start in Bend, Oregon a decade ago and eventually joining the Budweiser family. Their Portland location atmosphere features high ceilings and a...  Read More

Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes Brewery brings the Scottish pub to the Northwest over in the Pearl District. They have 18 beers on tap which include Deschutes mainstays, experimental beers, and seasonal ales. Deschutes Brewery is best known for their Mirror Pond Pale...  Read More



Rogue brewery is located in the heart of Portland's Historic Brewing District in the Pearl, this location is the inside the former home of Portland Brewing and Bogart's, a long-time institution in Portland. They feature Rogue spirits and beers,...  Read More


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