10 A+ Nighttime Hangouts on Hawthorne Boulevard

Portland, Oregon is weird and believe it or not, some places in town are even weirder than others. One of the weirdest in town is the Hawthorne district. Not only is it one of the weirdest areas of town, but it's one of the most vibrant area's of the city as well, which means you must hang out down here when in town! You will find no two places alike, along Hawthorne Boulevard, which means this might be the most random list ever put together on 10Best for Portland. 

On our list is the Backstage bar, a one of a kind bar that is often overlooked. It's overlooked because it's located behind the historic Bagdad Theater and Pub, another extremely popular hangout that also made our list. Once discovered everyone loves the Back Stage Bar.

The Sapphire Hotel is another place that sometimes gets overlooked, but should not. The cocktails here are amazing and the vibe is killer. Locals highly recommend this place for a 1st date. 

Of course, no nightlife list could be complete without a dive bar or two and this part of town definitely has its fair share of dive bars including locals favorite Bar of the Gods. 

Since soccer rules the city the 442 Soccer Bar also made the list. It's the perfect place to enjoy a game. 



The Cavern Whiskey Bar has only been opened less than two months, but people are already gushing about their experiences here. The cozy dimly lit new spot offers well thought out whiskey centric cocktails. Enjoy your top notch cocktails...  Read More



The Hawthorne Hophouse is an upscale gastropub right in the heart of the Hawthorne district that has 24 beers on tap as well as cocktails, wine, and ciders. It is family friendly and features a dedicated kids menu. The food choices are pretty...  Read More



If Monks lived in Portland, Bazi Bierbrasserie would be their watering hole. Well at least that's what they claim! This full service bar brings Belgian inspired beer and food together under one roof. They also have a great liquor selection....  Read More



When you are in the mood for good times and great food, head over to the Space Room Lounge. This dive bar is located in one of the area's most relaxed settings and is known for its friendly staff and solid food. The menu at the Space Room Lounge...  Read More



The Bagdad Theater has recently gone through some updated and now features a 20,000-watt surround sound, K Prime digital projector, and new luxurious rocker seating! Plus, there are tables in front of all the seats making it easy for you to...  Read More



Portland Cider Company was started in the fall of 2012 by an Oregonian and a family of British expats with the mission of bringing handcrafted cider in the English tradition to the northwest. They craft their cider with the best Northwest grown...  Read More



4-4-2 Soccer Bar is the place to go in Portland for soccer games. It is the only sports bar in Portland dedicated to showing soccer games from all around the world. They offer every single soccer channel imaginable, including international...  Read More



Backstage Bar is a cool place to hang out, watch the game, and have a beer. Considered to be the loftiest place to play pool among bars in Portland with their super high ceilings. This hidden bar behind the Bagdad Theater's screen actually...  Read More



Bar of the Gods is a dive bar found in the upper Hawthorne district. Bar of the Gods keeps it simple with great drinks, good food, and dynamite service. Located in SE Portland, Oregon, in the Barmuda Triangle (upper Hawthorne). Bar Of the Gods...  Read More



The Sapphire Hotel is a cocktail lounge in a former hotel lobby with a shady past. They serve small plates and craft cocktails. The atmosphere here is killer and perfect for a date night. The cocktails are the best part about this lounge. Their...  Read More


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