Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Portland

10Best family-friendly restaurants in Portland, Oregon that kids will love too

Do you want somewhere to go in Portland, Oregon to enjoy a nice meal with your family? One of the best parts about Portland is how accommodating almost every restaurant is for families. Most Portland restaurants offer a kids menu and many have gluten-free options too. This is true for the breweries that serve food as well. If anything, the hardest part is deciding which restaurant you want to take your family to because of the abundance of available options.

We at 10Best are here to help and have put together a list of the 10 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Portland, Oregon. With our list, you will never have to compromise again just because you have kids with you. We've focused on many restaurants that get food out quick, but do not compromise quality like PDX Sliders, Grassa, and Life of Pie. 

Staying on our list this year is Laurelwood NW Public House. With multiple play areas complete with toys in their restaurant designated just for kids, it is the ultimate family restaurant. Mom can enjoy a local brew and the kids can play. 

Nicholas makes our list for their family-style menu with large portions. 

No matter where you decide to dine we hope our list helped make the process easier and tastier. 


Southwest Portland

Grassa is a casual Italian eatery that serves handcrafted fresh pasta and features a rotating menu based on seasonal availability. Here the portions are large and affordable. You will find a great variety of pasta here including squid pasta and hazelnut pesto pasta, as well as seasonal salads. You order at the small counter as soon as you walk in. They give you a number and you seat yourselves. There is already silverware, napkins, glasses, and water on the table. They have extremely long tables perfect for larger families. If you have kids with you sit at the kitchen counter where they can watch the food being prepared. They might even get some dough to play with.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Grassa is a casual Italian eatery and kids will love their version of ramen noodles.

Meagan's expert tip: The portions are large, so consider splitting a salad and an entree.

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Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha serves fresh delicious, high quality, authentic Mexican food. They do this at low prices in a fun, casual environment at 9 different locations around the Portland metro. The most expensive item on their menu is still under eleven dollars. Their enormous burritos are only $6.50 making it one of the most affordable dining options in Portland. They offer massive burritos, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, tamales, soups, fajitas, and salads all made with organic local ingredients. Some popular dishes here are the chili Verde burrito, spicy Tinga tacos, and Cha Mole enchiladas. Cha Cha Cha offers a wide selection of tequilas, margaritas and other cocktails.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Cha Cha Cha is affordable and the atmosphere is extremely casual perfect for families.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure to try the Machaca or Pastor burrito.

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Southeast Portland

Nicholas Restaurant makes incredible Lebanese and Middle Eastern food and their prices are extremely affordable, especially for families. They have been serving authentic Lebanese food in Portland since 1986 after the original family members came to America from Lebanon. The portions are large and meant for sharing. The portions are so large a family of five can easily dine on a couple of entrees and an appetizer and actually be full. No matter what you order unlimited pita bread fresh from the oven is included and a garden salad is always served with an entree. Nicholas has two other locations, one on Broadway and one in Gresham.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Nicholas is a casual family-style restaurant and kids love the bottomless bread.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure to try the Shwarma Chicken or Stephan's Beef.

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Northeast Portland

Podnah's Pit BBQ makes honest, slow-smoked, Texas-style barbecue for their patrons fresh every day. All of Podnah's meat is slowly smoked using 100% oak hardwood without electric, gas assistance, or charcoal. Brisket, pulled pork, sausage, prime rib, collard greens, broccoli casserole, potato salad, pecan pie and banana pudding are just a few of the reasons you will love eating here. The portions here are big enough to split between two people. They offer a daily special each day until it sells out. Podnah's offers their own cocktail creations like the Dr. Salty Pepper made with Aria gin, Peychaud's bitters, grapefruit, lime juice, with a salted rim. Their Bloody Mary will knock your socks off, it's so spicy.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Podnah's Pit BBQ is a casual restaurant with great food and set up nicely for families.

Meagan's expert tip: They are open for a delicious Tex-Mex BBQ brunch each Saturday and Sunday.

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McMenamin's Kennedy School

Built in 1915, this architecturally beautiful structure served generations of students before being closed in 1980. Following a series of renovations by the McMenamin brothers, it reopened as a neighborhood entertainment facility. These days, it houses a 35 room bed and breakfast, restaurant, several bars and a gift shop. Families can grab a bite to eat in the Courtyard Restaurant and if it is a nice day they can site out on the cozy Courtyard Restaurant Patio. Here you can enjoy McMenamin draft beers and wines. Much of the food is organic and they have a nice variety of food choices available. Whether you want a curry, hamburger, salad, or steak they have it.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: The Kennedy School is a cool, laid back environment that is comfortable for families.

Meagan's expert tip: No matter what you order be sure to try their cajun tots.

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PDX Sliders in Sellwood are crafting some of the best beef, chicken, and pork sliders in all of Portlandia. All their sliders are named after Portland's famous bridges. Beef burger choices are one of a kind like their Hawthorne slider made with beef, bacon, goat cheese, strawberry preserves on a brioche bun. Their chicken sliders are equally as creative; their Morrison slider a herb-marinated chicken topped with bacon, pesto, arugula and aioli served on a ciabatta bun. Their pork sliders are award-winning. The Broadway pork slider made with braised pork, peppers, arugula, and spicy aioli won the Judge's Choice Award and the Eat Mobile & People's Choice Award at the Portland Food Cart Festival! They also offer two veggie burgers.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: PDX Sliders is set up perfect for families with large tables and a variety of sliders to suit any taste.

Meagan's expert tip: Order two different kinds of sliders, like the Broadway pork slider and the daily special, to experience more of what PDX Sliders has to offer.

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Northeast Portland

Tamale Boy restaurant and kitchen is the Tamale Boy's permanent location in addition to their wildly popular food cart. Ingredients are fresh, locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Including ingredients like Hood River pears and Rogue Creamy blue cheese. They also offer some crazy items like the peanut butter and jelly tamale which happens to be great for kids. All the items on their menu are highly affordable: $2.50 tacos, $5 tamales, and $6.75 burritos. Tamale Boy has a large outdoor patio. On a summer day, you can enjoy live music on the patio or play a round of corn hole.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Tamale Boy is a family-friendly restaurant with outstanding food on a budget.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure and try one of their chicken tinga tacos.

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Northeast Portland
Laurelwood NW Public House

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, also known as Laurelwood Brewery is an enjoyable relaxed brew pub for anyone, including families. Not only is their food and micro beers delicious, but it's all certified organic and free-range. Laurelwood brews their own organic beers and often offer unique seasonal beers. They always have ten of their beers on tap. For families, Laurelwood Brewery has assorted play areas sprinkled throughout the restaurant that kids will love. Laurelwood offers a large happy hour menu daily from 3-6 PM and 9 PM - close. On the weekends Laurelwood opens at 10 AM for their delicious brunch

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Laurelwood Brewery is set up specifically with families in mind, which makes it an excellent dining option.

Meagan's expert tip: If you go for brunch be sure to try their huevos rancheros.

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Boxer Ramen is a gourmet ramen shop that families will love because everyone knows kids love ramen noodles. You can not go wrong with their Tonkotsu, a traditional pork broth, savory and rich. pork belly, soft-poached egg and scallions. The portions here are huge and your $12 bowl of Ramen could easily feed more than one kid, maybe even more than two kids. There are only 4 options for entrees on their menu, but this keeps things simple and quick. When dining with kids you want great food, but you need it to be an efficient experience and Boxer Ramen does both of these perfectly.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Kids will love eating at this family-friendly ramen restaurant in downtown Portland.

Meagan's expert tip: The spicy ramen is super spicy, so watch out!

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North Portland

Life of Pie Pizza features incredibly delicious pizza cooked in a 6,900-pound wood-fired pizza oven hand made by a 3rd generation oven maker Stefano Ferrara in Napoli, Italy. In addition to pizza, they offer salads, spaghetti, and appetizers. Every day there is a different specialty pizza available! Happy hour is available almost all day from 11 A.M. To 6 P.M. During happy hour you can get a Margherita pizza for $5 and a glass of wine for $4. Families will appreciate their affordable prices and their large tables. Of course, all kids love pizza which means no complaining. They have colors and coloring pages for younger kids.

Recommended for Family Friendly because: Life of Pie Pizza will wow families with their delicious pizza and low prices.

Meagan's expert tip: They offer a $5 Margherita pizza every day from 11 AM - 6 PM.

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