10 Best Food Trucks in Portland, Oregon

In Portland, Oregon there is literally any type to choose from, because the city has well over 500 different food trucks and carts. Portland food trucks cover every possible meal and offer almost every type of cuisine imaginable. Like all things some food trucks standout from the rest and the 10 on our list stand out from the other 500!

Topping our list is El Taco Yucateo serving out of this world tacos and paunchos. There are loads of taco trucks in Portland, but we bring you only the best! Second on the list is the Grilled Cheese Grill who has taken something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level! Once you have head one of their grilled cheese sandwiches you will never settle for an average grilled cheese again. They are not the only one taking simple foods to whole to levels on our list. Beez Neez has taken the hot dog concept and turned it into a gourmet experience with their one of a kind sausage creations. Nong's Khao Man Gai keeps everything simple by offering just one dish, but that one dish is so good you will just keep coming back over and over for more.

We hope you love these food trucks as much as we do. 

Southeast Portland


Thai Mango is one of the best food carts in Portland and is found at the popular food truck pod, Cartlandia. All the food here is incredibly affordable with most dishes costing between $6 - $7. Here you will find Thai food favorites like Tom...  Read More

Southeast Portland


Guero's is not your average Mexican food restaurant, in fact it is a food cart. They have won local awards for having the best sandwich in Portland and yes, it is a Mexican sandwich also known as a Torta. They actually offer 3 types of tortas...  Read More



PDX Sliders in Sellwood is crafting some of the best beef, chicken, and pork sliders in all of Portlandia. All their sliders are named after Portland's famous bridges. Beef burgers choices are one of a kind like their Hawthorne slider made with...  Read More

North Portland
Chez Dodo


Chez Dodo is the first and only Mauritian food cart in not only Portland, but it's also the first in the country. Chez Dodo's menu is very diverse offering cuisine with Mauritanian influences where the friendly owner/chef hails from. The...  Read More

Nong's Khao Man Gai
Photo courtesy of Food&photomad


Nong the owner and chef is originally from Bangkok, Thailand and serves some of the best Thai food in Portland at his food cart. He serves just one dish, Khao Man Gai (Chicken and Rice), but has several variations of this dish like poached...  Read More



Beez Neez Gourmet Sausages is the top hotdog food cart in Portland, Oregon. Here you will find choices like Alaskan reindeer sausages, German bratwurst, Polish dogs, and even vegan hotdogs. All for $6 or less and served in a perfectly toasted...  Read More

Grilled Cheese Grill
Photo courtesy of Julian Smith for USA TODAY


Why is there a school bus parked permanently in a lot along NE Alberta St? Why, to serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in, of course. Pop into the Grilled Cheese Grill for a taste of childhood, from the basic--a.k.a. Kindergartner--to the...  Read More

Southeast Portland
Mizu Ramen


Mizu Ramen is a popular food cart located in Cartlandia in east Portland near Clackamas dishing up large bowls of warm comfort food. They serve 5 types of ramen bowls with options to customize and two types of rice bowls. All ramen bowls are...  Read More



El Taco Yucateco is a food truck in downtown Portland that features a simple menu that includes burritos, paunchos and tacos. Whenever you try one of their burritos, tacos, or paunchos you will quickly see that they are so freaking good that...  Read More


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