10 Best Appetizing Lunch Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Just because you have a limited time for lunch doesn't mean you can't have a good quality meal that you enjoy and is satisfying. In Portland, OR there's an array of lunch places to choose from and we've narrowed them down into what we think is the top 10 lunch places in Portland. We've taken into consideration the time it takes to eat, the quality of ingredients, and only included those that prepare food fresh daily. We've included a variety of cuisines ensure that no matter what you are craving, there is a place on our list that will satisfy you.

Lardo a casual eatery where you can enjoy sandwiches dripping with flavor. Por Que No has you covered if your craving Mexican food and Khao San is perfect if you want Thai instead. There is even a ramen place on our list in case you are in the mood for comforting Japanese food, Boxer Ramen. 

North Portland


Por Que No shares the flavors and the essence of what we found from the Pacific Coast of Mexico to the mountains of Oaxaca. They use only Pacific coast fish, and wild shrimp from sustainable fisheries. The results are outstanding and all...  Read More



Luc Lac is an outstanding Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Portland. The only thing more outrageous than their low prices is how delicious the food is. The chicken curry is jammed pack with veggies, the honey chicken is a large portion with...  Read More

Tasty n Sons


Boasting one of Portland's most innovative brunch menus, Tasty n Sons delights diners with a warm, comforting ambiance, unique tapas-esque menu design and gracious service. Plus, they serve their breakfast items all day. Start with one of their...  Read More



Boxer Ramen is a gourmet ramen shop that locals love, because who doesn't love ramen noodles. You can not go wrong with their Tonkotsu, a traditional pork broth, savory and rich. pork belly, soft-poached egg and scallions. The portions here are...  Read More



Khao San features a simple menu consisting of small plates allowing guests to try the different flavors of what the Thai culture has to offer. They use authentic Asian vegetables, when in season, like apple eggplants, holy basil, and Asian...  Read More



Olympia Provisions Southeast has grown from establishing the city's first salumeria to being a destination for refined, European-style dishes. Hidden away in the corner of an old warehouse, Alex Yoder's dishes highlight the locally-sourced meats...  Read More

Northeast Portland


Located at the NE Irvington hub, Petisco is a neighborhood restaurant with a rotating menu that sources the freshest ingredients available with indoor and outdoor seating. The choices here vary from healthy to totally indulgent. From salads and...  Read More

Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes Brewery brings the Scottish pub to the Northwest over in the Pearl District. They have 18 beers on tap which include Deschutes mainstays, experimental beers, and seasonal ales. Deschutes Brewery is best known for their Mirror Pond Pale...  Read More



PDX Sliders in Sellwood are crafting some of the best beef, chicken, and pork sliders in all of Portlandia. All their sliders are named after Portland's famous bridges. Beef burger choices are one of a kind like their Hawthorne slider made with...  Read More



An extremely popular, sandwich shop in the Hawthorne district. Lardo's originally started out as a food cart and has grown to three permanent locations in Portland on in the Hawthorne district and one in Downtown Portland on Washington Street....  Read More


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