Portland's Best Restaurants with Healthy Menus: From Cafes to Food Carts

Portlanders are a health conscious people group who themselves on staying fit and knowing what is in the food they eat, so it is no surprise that there is a large selection of restaurants to choose from when trying to find a healthy meal throughout Portland, Oregon. In fact some restaurants in Portland are purely dedicated to providing delicious healthy meals only. there are even an assortment of food carts dedicated to making healthy food. Like any niche market some of these healthy restaurants really stand out from the others. These meals are not just healthy, but also often times created with organic, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

We have taken ingredients, quality, and taste into consideration while making this list of the top 10 restaurants in Portland, Oregon with a healthy menu. For example Kiva Tea Bar and Spa entire menu utilizes extremely healthy ingredients including many super foods to create outstanding meals. You literally can not walk through their doors without having something healthy. The same goes for Prasad and Harlow where you find nothing but the best of the best when it comes to ingredients and they are both delicious and more than worth the wait you may encounter. No matter which of these you pick you are guaranteed to have a healthy and satisfying meal. 

Kale Ultimate Japanese Comfort Food


Kale serves the dish that has been the ultimate comfort food to the Japanese for over a century. On average, a Japanese person is likely to eat a kale dish 84 times a year; undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular food in Japan. Savory, and...  Read More

North Portland


Moberi is a superfood cafe that specializes in Acia bowls and smoothies. All their Acai bowls are made with their premium blend of non-gmo tambor acai, strawberry, banana, and unsweetened almond milk. Your acai bowl can be topped with...  Read More



Featuring fresh, organic ingredients and catering to vegetarian and vegan diners (free-range chicken is also an option), Laughing Planet offers wholesome burritos, quesadillas, and salads with an earth-friendly bent like the Che Guevera burrito...  Read More

Alphabet District


Kive Tea Cafe Spa features a large tea bar offering hundred of tea selections all of which are organic, bio dynamic and fair trade teas. Kiva, the owner, selects growers from Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East that create custom teas just...  Read More



D.C. Vegetarian specializes in vegetarian and vegan foods at their downtown Portland food cart. Here you can enjoy generously portioned homemade sandwiches all of which can be made vegan. All their sandwiches and burgers can be customized with...  Read More



Proud Mary originated from Melbourne, Australia and this year they opened their first and only cafe here in Portland. Their space is one of a kind because the owner Nolan and his family built it. Nolan even designed the espresso machines they...  Read More

Southeast Portland


Tusk is a Middle Eastern Restaurant located in SE Portland. Tusk sources all of its vegetables locally as well as most of their grains and flours. If you visit their website you can see a long list of local producers they use. They are open...  Read More

Southeast Portland


Situated in a beautiful shaker inspired modern cafe in the heart of South East Portland, Canteen is a fresh take on eating and drinking well. The menu is inspired by their own everyday standards for eating. Which means using only fresh local,...  Read More



Harlow is a vegetarian restaurant in the Hawthorne district that even meat lovers will enjoy. They pride themselves on providing fresh conscious gluten free cuisine. For those that are strictly vegan you will find lots of choices here. They...  Read More

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Prasad is a small, modern cafe inside the Yoga Pearl studio. Everything on the menu is organic, vegan and gluten-free, from the fresh-squeezed ginger shots and juices (try the apple-mint-celery-cucumber Shanti) to the soups and raw wraps....  Read More


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