Best Take Out Restaurants in Portland

Best Takeout Restaurants in Portland: Fresh Food, Prepared Daily

Are you too tired to make dinner or pressed for time to eat something quick? If your in Portland, Oregon then your in luck, because Portland has become a foodie destination over the last few years and the take out food available here is no exception. Never settle for ordinary fast food when in Portland, because in Portland you can find delicious take out, made from fresh quality ingredients. With a growing food cart industry, Portland has a massive selection when it comes to take out food. No matter what your craving there's sure to be a take out place somewhere in Portland offering it and our list is here to help you find it quick. We searched the city and these are the 10 Best take out places in Portland and your sure to love them all. We included Chez Dodo that serves some of the most unique food in the city and everyone in Portland seems to love it. Koi Fusion made our list, because they have multiple locations and their food is delicious. Next time you want take out in Portland be sure to check out our list.


Southeast Portland

An authentic French Bakery in south east Portland utilizing a clay firebrick bread oven. They serve French fare from the Alsace region created by award-winning and nationally recognized master baker Chef Dominique Geulin. They have sandwiches and flatbreads. St. Honore Boulangerie also offers a large variety of breads and sweets, including their spectacular macaroons. Enjoy a Hazelnut Caramel Dacquoise: layers of caramel ganache, chocolate praline and hazelnut buttercream between crunchy hazelnut dacquoise cake or an Opera: chocolate ganache and espresso buttercream between layers of almond sponge cake. Kid's love their chouquettes. Saint Honore also features a full espresso bar and serves drip coffee.

Recommended for Take Out because: Saint Honore is a great place to pop into and grab some food to go.

Meagan's expert tip: Hand-crafted cider cocktails and a daily happy hour are also offered.

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An extremely popular, one of a kind sandwich shop in the Hawthorne district. Lardo's originally started out as a food cart and has grown to three permanent locations in Portland one in the Hawthorne district, one in Downtown Portland on Washington Street, and one in northeast Portland. The sandwiches are enormous. Most of the sandwiches offered here are Italian creations like the rapini and grilled mortadella. Their most popular sandwich is the pork belly, egg and cheese. Lardo also offer salads and fries, including their famous dirty fries made with pork and herbs. Lardo's drinks are cheap too. All beers here are just $5 a pint.

Recommended for Take Out because: Lardo is an excellent spot to grab a sandwich or hamburger to go.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure and sample some Dirty Fries.

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Nong's Khao Man Gai
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Nong the owner and chef is originally from Bangkok, Thailand and serves some of the best Thai food in Portland at his food cart. He serves just one dish, Khao Man Gai (Chicken and Rice), but has several variations of this dish like poached chicken, crispy chicken, vegetarian, and pork. The portions are generous and only cost around $7. The regular size comes with 8 0z of rice and either one whole breast or the quarter leg of the chicken and a bowl of soup. They serve great drinks too, like Thai ice tea, mango juice, lychee juice, and more. Nong's Khao Man Gai does accept credit cards.

Recommended for Take Out because: They serve some of the best chicken and rice you will ever try.

Meagan's expert tip: Some of the selections come with peanuts, so be sure and mention an allergy to make sure you order peanut free.

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Northeast Portland

Podnah's makes honest, slow-smoked, Texas style barbecue for their patrons fresh every day. All of Podnah's meats are slow smoked using 100% oak hardwood without electric, gas assistance, or charcoal. Brisket, pulled pork, sausage, prime rib, collard greens, broccoli casserole, potato salad, pecan pie and banana pudding are just a few of the reasons you will love eating here. The portions here are large, so big enough to split between two people. They offer daily special each day until they are sold out. Podnah's offers their own cocktail creations like the Dr. Salty Pepper made with Aria gin, Peychaud's bitters, grapefruit, lime juice, with a salted rim.

Recommended for Take Out because: Podnah's is a great place to grab some takeout with lots of shareable options on their menu.

Meagan's expert tip: They are open for brunch each Saturday and Sunday.

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Grilled Cheese Grill
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Why is there a school bus parked permanently in a lot along NE Alberta St? Why, to serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in, of course. Pop into the Grilled Cheese Grill for a taste of childhood, from the basic--a.k.a. Kindergartner--to the exotic (hot Brie and red peppers on sourdough). If you dare, go for the Cheesus, a hamburger between two grilled-cheese sandwiches The Grill has dessert covered too, with sandwich options like the Elvis (grilled banana and peanut butter) and the Fat Elvis (add bacon). Dining on the bus makes the experience complete â€" the seats have been replaced by booths with tables covered in old yearbook photos, and the ceiling decorated with a psychedelic mural.

Recommended for Take Out because: Grilled Cheese Grill takes everyone's favorite sandwich to a whole new level.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure and save room for dessert, because they have excellent dessert too.

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Northeast Portland

At Pip's Original in Portland, you'll find good old fashioned deep fried mini doughnuts. Creations range from simple sugar and cinnamon doughnuts to more elaborate creations like doughnuts covered in Nutella, honey, cinnamon and sea salt. These mini doughnuts are in high demand and on weekends there is often a line out the door for them. Not only do they have great doughnuts, but they've got great chai lattes too. Pip's uses tea and raw spices to create five flavorful house-crafted chai lattes. Their chai blends are never pasteurized or microfiltered, so you're actually drinking the spices and tea. This is the perfect place for morning takeout.

Recommended for Take Out because: Pip's Original Doughnuts makes piping hot mini doughnuts that everyone loves.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure and try a few different kinds, because they are all good.

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El Taco Yucateco is a food truck in downtown Portland that features a simple menu that includes burritos, paunchos and tacos. Whenever you try one of their burritos, tacos, or paunchos you will quickly see that they are so freaking good that they literally don't have to make anything else. A pauncho is a meat tostada with black refried beans topped with choice of meat, pickled onions, and cabbage. You can choose which meat you would like on any item. Choices include steak, al pastor, pork, or chicken. Be warned before you put the homemade habanero sauce on your food, it's hot!

Recommended for Take Out because: El Taco Yucateco makes some of the best Mexican takeout in Portland.

Meagan's expert tip: Be sure and try one of their paunchos

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Bunk Sandwiches has been a go to sandwich shop in Portland since 2008. Their downtown location serves breakfast and lunch everyday. Here you can grab tasty toasted sandwiches to go like the Pork Belly Cubano made with ham, pork belly and shoulder roast, swiss, mustard, and pickles or the Roasted Poblano Torta made with pinto beans, guacamole and queso. To find out what their daily specials are just give them a call. All sandwiches come with chips, unless you want a different side like potato salad, sour pickles, or apple slaw. To wash down your sandwich they offer beer, sodas including Mexican Coke, Stash Tea, and Stumptown coffee.

Recommended for Take Out because: Bunk Sandwiches is always a good place to get take out.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are unsure which sandwich to try, order the pork belly Cubano.

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