10 Best Shops Found in the Hawthorne District of Portland, Oregon

No trip to Portland, Oregon can be complete until you have spent some time in the Hawthorne District. Here you will find every random stereotype you have ever heard about Portland come to life. Not only is the people watching here some of the best in the city, but it is home to excellent shopping too. Here you will find an eclectic mix of shops and boutiques. Shoppers can find almost anything their heart desires here and if you are seeking something super weird you will find that this area is a gold mine. 

If you are in need of a good book head to Powell's Books if you need fabric hit Cool Cottons. If you need a retro 1950's lamp they've got that covered to over at the Lizard Lounge. 

Now if you want to spend more of your time doing a more traditional type of shopping, say for clothes and shoes, there is plenty of that to be had too. Sloan has super trendy items to keep you current or Naked City Clothing can help you with your throwback style with a rockabilly dress. Say you want new clothes, but you do not even want to pick them out yourself just go to Mink where they will style you head to toe. 


Cool Cottons is a locally owned and operated Portland Oregon fabric shop specializing in modern fabrics for quilting, sewing, and crafting. They carry high-quality fabrics. The designers and manufacturers featured at Cool Cottons include Alexander Henry, Art Gallery, Birch Organics, Cloud 9 Organics, Free Spirit, Michael Miller, Moda, Robert Kaufman and Westminster Fabrics. They carry an extensive collection of Shot Cottons and Robert Kaufman Kona solids as well as an eclectic selection of Japanese import fabrics from Kokka, Cosmo, Yuwa and more. Cool Cottons also has plenty of gorgeous fabrics that can transition into traditional quilting as well. I

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Cool Cottons is a fabulous fabric shop in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are looking for a fabric that isn't cotton go somewhere else. They only carry cotton fabrics. f you are looking for a specific product call ahead.

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The Perfume House offers visitors from around the world, the opportunity to come and experience the joy of fine fragrance. The Perfume House was founded in 1985 by Chris T. Tsefalas, a charismatic man with a passion for fragrance. The culmination of his life's work, The Perfume House is a fragrance house like no other, offering thousands of fine fragrances from around the world. The vast array of merchandise coupled with Chris' expertise makes The Perfume House a true treasure and a destination for fragrance enthusiasts the world over. The Perfume House is a library of sorts. A place for fragrance enthusiasts and novices alike to gather and share in their passion for fragrance

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Le Rouge features local designers as well as name brands in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are looking for a hard to find fragrance you will likely find it here.

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Kids at Heart is a stellar source for unique and inspiring toys & books in the heart of SE Portland, Oregon. They are open seven days a week at SE 35th and Hawthorne Boulevard. Each and every product they carry is carefully chosen for quality. They take the guesswork out of finding the perfect toy or book and support toy companies that engage in ethical and environmentally-conscious practices. Kids at Heart carries classic toys as well as the newest and the hippest toys on the market. When you shop at Kids at Heart you are guaranteed that whatever you purchase is tried and true.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Kids at Heart carries a wide assortment of toys in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: Call ahead of time if you have a specific toy in mind to make sure they have it in stock.

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No showroom and ornate display racks. No mysterious inner-sanctum stockrooms, it's more fun, full-disclosure place. With boxes on the floor alongside a deeply knowledgeable, non-commissioned, sales staff, Imelda's and Louie's is less school, more recess. This is a place for shoe lovers, by shoe lovers. As for style, it's where trends show up before they're, well, trends. The owners have never met a major shoe show they didn't like, spotting emerging looks well ahead of places that rely on sales reps alone. Best of all, Imelda's marries style and comfort in a unique way. Add equally surprising jewelry, handbags and Louie's Shoes for Men and it's an equal-opportunity outing. They have a second location on Alberta Street.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Imelda's and Louie's Shoes offers an incredible selection of shoes in the Hawthorne district.

Meagan's expert tip: Before you buy remember they have a no refund policy and only 7 days to exchange.

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Whatever your style or budget, Naked City Clothing has got just what you need to get dressed. Fashion, accessories & gifts for women and men. If you are looking for rocker, punk, pin-up, or rockabilly clothing they will have it here. They even have seasonal items like sassy dresses with bats on them for Halloween. Naked City Clothing also happens to feature Portland's best selection of patches, posters and belt buckles! They carry size 0 through size 3X. Last but not least they carry shoes, masks, hats, cards and knick-knacks. They have such a mix of stuff it borders on being a novelty shop.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Naked City Clothing offers interesting clothing for men and women in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are looking for a unique men's shirt be sure to stop in, they have some freaky ones.

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Portland's famous book store Powell's Books has a second store on Hawthorne Blvd. (It is one of 5 locations found in Portland.) This location is the second best known and everyone loves it just as much as the original downtown. Perhaps that is why it has grown to become the largest used and new book store on Portland's east side. Powell's on Hawthorne covers more than 10,000 square feet of retail space and offers more than 200,000 used and new books. Powell's on Hawthorne is divided into just three rooms, each named for a neighborhood landmark: Madison, Hawthorne, and Tabor. The latter is named for Mt. Tabor, the world's only extinct volcano residing within city limits.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Powell's Books is one of Portland's most famous stores and this branch is located in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: Plan to spend at least an hour browsing the books.

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Mink is a beautiful boutique located in the heart of the Hawthorne shopping district in Portland, Oregon. At Mink, you'll have an experience like none other. They will offer you clothing and accessory suggestions and give honest opinions. They pride themselves on helping each and every customer as though we were shopping with our best friend. That means helping you look your best in unexpected ways! When you shop at Mink, you'll try on clothing you never thought you could wear. Getting out of your "fashion-box" can be such a liberating experience, especially when you can work your new pieces into your wardrobe in a million different ways. Not only will you love how you look in the outfits you purchase at Mink, but you'll get compliments galore! Their clothing is unique, wearable, and affordable.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Mink is a beautiful boutique located in the heart of the Hawthorne shopping district in Portland, Oregon.

Meagan's expert tip: Have fun and let the associates at Mink pick out clothes and accessories for you.

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When you step inside the popular Lounge Lizard you will quickly find that the 1950s are still alive. Here you will find funky vintage furniture with a past waiting to spend the future with you. Whether you are after a sinfully ugly velvet painting, a new to you couch or a fancy 1950's lampshade chances are hight they will have just what you are looking for. They are most well known for their 1950's reproduction lampshades and offer them for sale online as well. Even if you are not into vintage furniture, chances are you will love browsing this store.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Lounge Lizard has great vintage furniture in the Hawthorne district.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are looking for a 1950's lampshade this is your place.

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A fun find on Hawthorne is the boutique Sloan, a locally owned and operated women's boutique carrying apparel, shoes & accessories for women of all ages and styles. Most brands available at Sloan are nationally known. For example, you will find the fashionable Franco Sarto, BCBG or Free People gracing their racks. However, you can also find smaller brand names that may cost you a bit less. Sloan's prices do seem fair and you know you are getting quality items. The boutique is so cute and fashionable you are bound to find something you love! Sloan also offers special shopping events, some even have champagne served right as you walk in the door!

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Sloan has great clothes and is located in the Hawthorne District.

Meagan's expert tip: Plan to splurge a little on one of their special items like a purse to go with the perfect outfit.

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Presents of Mind opened on the Historic Hawthorne Blvd. in 1989 with the goal of being a one-stop gift store for people who wanted something beyond the big box generic and the teddy bear cutesy. Since 1989 they have continued to pursue the latest and greatest, the classic and trendy, and all things cool. We are constantly on the prowl for new and unique items and dedicated to carrying & supporting local and independent designers, and companies that use environmentally friendly products. Get here via bus. Take the #14 Hawthorne Line directly to our store. We are also within walking distance of both #66-Marquam Hill/Hollywood, #75-Cesar Chavez/Lombard, and the #15 Belmont/NW 23rd.

Recommended for Hawthorne District's Best Shopping because: Presents of Mind is the ultimate gift shop and is located on Hawthorne Blvd.

Meagan's expert tip: If you are in need of a unique gift for any occasion this is the store for you.

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