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    Forevermore Scrapbooks

    Forevermore has all your scrapbook needs in one location. The retail store is over 3000 sq. ft. full of scrapbooking. products. Featuring unique Civil War...

    Photo courtesy of Forevermore Scrapbooking
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    Gettysburg Heritage Center

    Located a short walk from the battlefield, the Gettysburg Heritage Center has been serving visitors for 50 years. The center features a new way to...

    Photo courtesy of Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau
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    Blue & Gray Gift Shop

    Blue and Gray Gift shop is a family owned and operated company who have been serving local folks and visitors in Gettysburg since 1970. Over the years they...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    17 On The Square

    The site where 17 On the Square stands has gone through a colorful 200+ year history of diverse ownership and equally diverse commerce. 17 On the Square is...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    Farnsworth Military Gallery

    The Farnsworth Military Gallery is Gettysburg's premier dealer for Civil War artist Don Troiani's work. They also feature sculptures by Casteel, Jones,...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg

    If you're looking for standard apparel shopping from big brand names then head over to the Outlet Shoppes. You can save between 20 and 70% everyday in over...

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    Codori's House of Gifts

    This gift store started in 1973. Originally it started out just selling German nutcrackers and smoking men but over the years has acquired things from all...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    Lark Gift Shop

    Lark gift store is located in downtown Gettysburg in a cozy space. They pride themselves on selling good things for living and for giving. Their gift shop...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    The Horse Soldier

    The Horse Soldier was established in 1971. At the time the owners started to sell relics in their living room; mostly bullets, shrapnel, cannonballs and...

    Photo courtesy of T. Browne Smith
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    Gallery 30

    Located just off historic Lincoln Square, this lovely gallery offers a wonderful variety of original art, crafts, and jewelry handcrafted by local artisans....

    Photo courtesy of Gallery 30

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