Top Activities in Philadelphia Worth Heading Outside For

Visiting a city doesn't mean you need to spend all of your time cooped up indoors. After awhile, even the most interested tourist gets a bit stir crazy. The same goes for the locals and frequent visitors to the area. Fortunately, Philadelphia has a ton of great activities to enjoy outdoors, whether you end up here in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Many of them also don't involve a whole lot of athletic abilities, so even if you're more of a walker there's something her for you. Venture over to the newest addition to the park system of Philadelphia, Dilworth Park, and enjoy the sights. Take a stroll or a jog down on Penn's Landing, rent a bike from Indego for a bit, or pop on a par of roller skates and spin around the River Rink for a bit. Whether you're with your family, your friends, your coworkers or your date, you'll love exploring the greener side of the city. Get outdoors to see things or to get active or to get some fresh air. With so many options, it's easy to hit upon a few that interest you and your crowd. Try out one, or make it a point to include several in your visit here. 



Penn's Landing, which runs along Philly's waterfront area, is the site of numerous events all year long, including cultural festivals, concerts (many of them free!), children's programs, fireworks shows and a host of other fun stuff. The view...  Read More



Philadelphia's bikesharing program is designed to help commuters of all kinds easily an affordably navigate the streets if the city. Head into Center City or take a quick trip to West Philadelphia all while enjoying the great outdoors. Indego...  Read More

Museum District & Fairmount Park


America's first zoo and one of the region's foremost conservation organizations, Philadelphia Zoo is home to nearly 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered. Cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and much more make the zoo Philadelphia's leading family...  Read More



There are a host of terrific activities for folks of all ages to participate in along the Schuylkill River. Run, jog, skate, walk or just take a stroll. Watch boaters out on the water, or walk your dog. There are a variety of ways to get out and...  Read More

Outside the city


The Schuylkill River Trail extends from Center City, Philadelphia out to the suburbs of the city and offers folks the opportunity to walk, bike, scooter, skate, run, jog or stroll for as long as they are able to. It's scenic and safe and is...  Read More



Spruce Street Harbor Park is a pop-up park on Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. Offering fun amenities such as hammocks, lawn games, chairs by the water, food and drink options, music and good times to locals, visitors, friends, family and even...  Read More

University City


This scenic addition to the city's trail system extends the uber-popular Schuylkill River Trail through an additional portion of Center City and adds a walkway where visitors and local residents can view the skyline and city in a whole new way....  Read More

Museum District & Fairmount Park


When looking for the perfect romantic thing to do in Fairmount Park, nothing beats the Whispering Benches at the Smith Civil War Memorial Arch near Memorial Hall. A unique phenomenon, it works like this: simply sit at one end of the long,...  Read More



Blue Cross River Rink is home to WinterFest as well as SummerFest and offers visitors of all ages a great way to enjoy some outdoor time while in the city. Food, beverages, fun and space to play makes this venue a great choice no matter what...  Read More



Philadelphia's newest greenspace, this park is a lovely new addition to the City Hall area. Filled with plenty of greenery and places to relax and sit, the space is host to a number of special events and fun family gatherings throughout the...  Read More