Most Romantic Things to Do in Philadelphia

Romantic things to do with that special someone in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is full of romantic things to do with that someone special. It can be hard, however, to choose just the right activity. Would something that simply involves spectating be best, or is actively participating in the entertainment more of a treat? Would something a bit more exciting fit the bill, or is an evening featuring a more laid back and quiet activity best? Fortunately, 10 Best delivers on choices for any style activities so that romance can blossom in a way that feels the most natural and fun.

Spend some time at the Rodin Museum gazing at the sculptures. Take a slow, romantic stroll through Fairmount Park and bring a picnic lunch. Visit South Street's Magic Gardens, snap a photo at LOVE Park or take the Love Letter Tour run by Philadelphia Mural Arts. The City of Brotherly Love offers great options for that first date activity, or for the couple that's been around the block a few times and is looking for something new to do. Choose an active activity, or enjoy a show or play or musical performance while in town. Spend the day, the night, or longer and perhaps even do more than one activity here. One thing's for sure, there are no shortage of romantic things to do together in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Urban Adventures
Photo courtesy of Sharon Rigney

Whatever your interests may be, Philadelphia Urban Adventures has a walking tour that is sure to fit the bill. Follow in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers on one tour, or explore the 9th Street Italian Market on another, complete with delicious food and drink at every turn. Markets, Mosaics and Magic lets you experience some special highlights the city has offer that are perfect for sharing with a friend, loved one, or family member. Peruse their offerings to find the one that will be of most interest to that special someone you know, and let the staff here do the rest. These tours really bring the city to life and immerse you in the inner workings of some of the most interesting sites here.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: If the thought of a garden walk or art visit is too tame, Philadelphia Urban Adventures is a great, active fit.

Sharon's expert tip: These tours often sample food and beverages, but perhaps scope out an eatery at the start or end the tour for an added treat.

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Museum District & Fairmount Park
Rodin Museum
Photo courtesy of R. Kennedy/Visit Philly

This museum, located between the Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Center City Philadelphia, is known mostly as a sculpture museum. It is solely devoted to the works of Auguste Rodin and is the largest collection of his works outside of Paris. It includes bronzes, plaster studies, drawings, and prints. There are 124 sculptures including bronze casts of "The Burghers of Calais," "Eternal Springtime," "The Gates of Hell," and Rodin's seminal work, "The Thinker." The museum is small but powerful, and tours run regularly. Being small, it doesn't get lots of crowds, making it a great place to slow down and enjoy the works.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: A walk though a museum filled with beautiful, famous sculptures is all about romance.

Sharon's expert tip: Admission is free with your paid ticket to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so go to both if you can.

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Waterfront Winterfest at Blue Cross River Rink
Photo courtesy of Sharon Rigney

Winter is no reason to stay cooped up inside. Winterfest at the Blue Cross River Rink lets everyone experience some fun this season. What is Winterfest? It's a wonderful park of fun that celebrates all that's winter and winter-themed. It's only around for the chilly season but then transforms into roller skating and warm-weather fun when things heat up. Bring in the holidays and enjoy light and video shows, holiday decor, fire pits, great food options, warm beverages, live entertainment and local shopping. It combines many of the fun parts of the season with the joy and beauty of the cityscape, culminating in a great place to get outside and play, eat, drink, shop and just have fun.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Ice Skating is quite the romantic date night for beginners or seasoned skaters alike, or visit during warmer weather and try roller skating.

Sharon's expert tip: To catch the light show during the holidays, check in every hour, on the hour from 5-11 pm for one of two versions of the show.

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Boathouse Row
Photo courtesy of Sharon Nolan

Boathouse Row is located on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, just north of the Fairmount Water Works and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It consists of a row of 15 boathouses housing social and rowing clubs and their racing shells. Each of the boathouses has its own history, and all have addresses on both Boathouse Row and Kelly Drive (named after famous Philadelphia oarsman John B. Kelly, Jr.). Boathouses #2 through #14 are part of a group known as the Schuylkill Navy, which encompasses several other boathouses along the river. Boathouse #1 is Lloyd Hall and is the only public boathouse facility on the Row.[2] Boathouse #15 houses the Sedgeley Club, which operates the Turtle Rock Lighthouse. The boathouses are all at least a century old, and some were built over 150 years ago.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: This iconic site is lovely by day, but magical at night when its lit up. Stroll by or drive by and admire its beauty.

Sharon's expert tip: Be sure to check this sight out at night when the lights viewed from the Schuylkill Expressway seem simply magical.

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Museum District & Fairmount Park
Fairmount Park
Photo courtesy of J. Fusco for Visit Philly

When looking for the perfect romantic thing to do in Fairmount Park, nothing beats the Whispering Benches at the Smith Civil War Memorial Arch near Memorial Hall. A unique phenomenon, it works like this: simply sit at one end of the long, curved, stone bench and whisper something. The person at the other end of the wall should be able to clearly hear what has been said, making it the perfect spot to whisper sweet nothings to that special someone. The site is pretty and makes for a lovely place to sit and relax or picnic nearby. After exchanging confidences, feel free to stroll hand-in-hand along the scenic paths. Fairmount Park is also great to bike ride, walk, jog or take pictures. Depending on the interests of the individuals that come here, there's sure to be an activity that suits the day.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: One of Philadelphia's premier assets offers a plethora of activities, from active to simply taking in the lovely scenery.

Sharon's expert tip: The Japanese Tea House or one of the beautiful mansions in the park are great for sightseeing.

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City Food Tours
Photo courtesy of City Food Tours

What better way to get to the heart of a loved one than through their stomach? Since everyone knows that chocolate is the food of love, what could be better than a private tasting event pairing luscious chocolates with three perfect wines for a three-hour journey into hedonistic pleasure? Not much. The sinfully delicious eats are from local purveyors of the sweetest treats. Savor different varieties, as well as cocoa beans and nibs. This culinary adventure is the quintessential aphrodisiac and a great activity for anyone looking to participate in something tasty and entertaining. Public chocolate tours are also available for lovers on a budget.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Eating is fun, and a tour involving local eats and tasting is the perfect way to do so with a friend.

Sharon's expert tip: For a little extra fun, reserve a spot on the indoor scavenger hunt at Reading Terminal Market or the Asian Market for a great cold-weather activity.

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Dream Garden
Photo courtesy of G. Widman for VisitPhilly

What is the Philadelphia Dream Garden? It's not an actual living garden but is a 15x49-foot mosaic of 100,000 pieces of handcrafted Favrile glass. This spectacular collaboration between Maxfield Parrish and Louis Comfort Tiffany is in the 12-story atrium of the Curtis Center. It's simply amazing to gaze at the 260 colors that make up the breathtaking mosaic as a burbling fountain creates a magical mood that's quite conducive to romance. It's a wonderful stop on the way to dinner, a show, shopping, or an activity, or simply to visit on its own. And if she says yes, you can hold the wedding here, too!

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: This is a piece of the city that many don't know exists, so treat that special someone to an insider's secret that's brimming with romance.

Sharon's expert tip: Viewing times are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm, so take not of the times if you're headed there.

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Spread out over half a city block, Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is a prized gem of South Street. A veritable "folk art environment" created by artist Isaiah Zagar, the fully mosaicked space is a captivating labyrinth of tunnels, grottos and intricate sculptures. Colorful tiles create intricate images as well as words along the walls of the outdoor installation. Visitors can enjoy leisurely, self-guided tours or weekend tours provided by Garden Guide interpreters. Be sure to stop to appreciate the many parts and pieces of this incredibly unique walk-through art exhibition. Artsy without being boring, this is a wonderful activity for any day.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: This unique offering deserves to be seen up close. It's so fun and funky and the place will offer plenty to talk about after leaving.

Sharon's expert tip: Leave plenty of time for a slow walk though these gardens, as there's so much to stop and see.

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Love Letter Tour (Mural Arts Phila)
Photo courtesy of M. Kennedy for VisitPhilly

Many of us get a little tongue-tied when it comes to expressing our love. Why not avoid the awkwardness and take that beloved person for a ride on the El with the Love Letter Tour? This 1.5-hour guided tour run by Mural Arts Philadelphia showcases 15 of 50 murals between 45th and 63rd streets in West Philly. The murals are literally a love letter from a guy to a gal and an artist to the city. While oozing with romance, the trip is also entertaining and will enthrall any appreciator of the arts. It's also a nice way to get out and see an often overlooked element of the cityscape with a friend, love interest or someone special. This year it will be held virtually on February 11th with hopes to have it return to in-person soon. Make this the year you open your heart to the magic of it all.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Many times it's the "something different" activities that one remembers most. This tour is one of those and is fun too.

Sharon's expert tip: These tours are also available for private bookings if the times and dates don't mesh with your needs. There are also virtual tour options and self guided tours for those interested in those.

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Love Park
Photo courtesy of Sharon Rigney

One of the most well-known and photographed places in Philadelphia is the famous Robert Indiana LOVE statue. Also called JFK Plaza, this park is wonderful in warmer weather when it's nice to sit and enjoy the day, people-watch or grab a snack. The park is also lovely around the holidays when it transforms into Christmas Village filled with shops modeled after the German holiday markets. Food and beverages are available and the smells and sounds are delicious and celebratory. Strike the perfect romantic or silly pose in front of the LOVE statue for a memorable photo from your time in Philly. Gaze at City Hall and Dilworth Park across the street or listen to the sounds of the fountain. This postage stamp park also features a striking view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Recommended for Romantic Things to Do because: Nothing says love quite like, well, Love Park. Scenic and well-known, it's a nice spot for a photo, too.

Sharon's expert tip: This is a great location to catch up with some of the city's beloved food trucks, especially at lunchtime during warmer weather, when there's often a free concert taking place. They've recently redone the park, so come see the changes firsthand.

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