Philly's Best Places to Grab a Drink and Feel the Brotherly Love

If your idea of nightlife includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, our Philadelphia guide is just what you want. Capitalizing on first-hand experience and extensive research, we've located the best bars in Philadelphia from a variety of neighborhoods for hanging out and kicking back. From long-lived mainstays such as Standard Tap to busy places like Johnny Brenda's that get lots of 10Best reader approval, we present the top bars in town and offer details about them all. What's the energy like? How do the bartenders pour? Are most bars located in the Center City area? No fear - we share all the facts! Settle in and take a look to see if that place you like to venture into with buddies is on here. Perhaps there's a new place nearby where you work, live, like to visit, or have friends that you'll want to put on your list of places to check out. No doubt Philadelphia has a lot of bars, and this is just a few of the good ones, but certainly ones that have made other city goers happy to return again and again. Whether you're happiest with standard beers, craft beer, cocktails, wine or a combination of these offerings, there's sure to be a hotspot that fits your needs.

Khyber Pass


Named after the legendary geographical feature in the Hindu Kush Mountains, this Old City music venue isn't for the faint of heart. Punk and indy acts with names like Oppenheimer, Nashville Pussy, Human Television and Iggy Pop take over the...  Read More



Johnny Brenda's wears many hats. It is at once a bar, restaurant and, most importantly, a showcase for local musical talent. A world-class sound system and a balcony overlooking the stage makes playing at this venue a must for burgeoning indie...  Read More

Monk's Cafe
Photo courtesy of Monk's Cafe


An oldie but a goodie. While dozens of newer craft-beer bars have opened since this one, you can't argue with a destination that's still considered the beer mecca of Philadelphia. Called "One of the Top Ten Places to Drink a Beer Before You Die"...  Read More

A Bar
Photo courtesy of Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock


This bar was a 2013 addition to the lauded A. Kitchen. It's an understated and sunny wine bar that provides a more spacious space to suck down $1.50 oysters and boutique wines. The wines, poured in 3 or 5 ounce servings, focus on minerally...  Read More



Hop Sing Laundromat is a bar. It's not meant for everyone to find it, and it's aim is not to be like every other bar. Come knock at the nondescript front door located in the Chinatown section of the city, and prepare to be judged on your...  Read More



A perfect fit for Rittenhouse Square, this snazzy cafe has just the right touches of big city panache to appeal to trend-conscious folks who like their beverages served by meticulously trained staff who can recite the finer points of every item...  Read More



Art Bar is located in the Sonesta Hotel and features work by local artists that changes periodically. Live music ups the entertainment factor, and seating is communal with window views for visual stimulation and conversational opportunities. As...  Read More

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co


From the moment you approach the black door of this literally underground establishment, you get the feeling that you're entering the private lair of a 1920s starlet or politician, where alcohol flowed secretly out of sight of enforcement...  Read More

The Twisted Tail
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The Twisted Tail is located in Philadelphia's historic Society Hill neighborhood and serves up Southern comfort food, lots of bourbon and live music, too. Inspired by the Juke Joints of yore, today's blues lovers can enjoy an amazing meal,...  Read More



On the corner of 2nd and Poplar stands the Standard Tap, the tavern that essentially brought craft beer to Philadelphia and literally coined the term "gastropub." The Northern Liberties neighborhood gentrified around the Tap, with hipsters and...  Read More