Best Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park

Best Spots to Fill Your Belly near Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park

Whether you're craving pizza, burgers, crab fries, chicken or a salad, there are options near Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park. While some are within walking distance, others are just a short ride away. Take a detour to one of these terrific eateries before the game to fill up on some Philly favorites, or stop by to hang out and chat with your friends after the game has finished up. From Chickie's and Pete's to Pastificio to Celebre Pizza, there's sure to be an option your crowd can appreciate. There are no shortage of sports bars, although being next to the Philadelphia Sports Complex makes that OK. So make a point to head down to the game a bit early and pop into a nearby restaurant for some food and fun, or grab a bite and dessert while waiting for the crowds to head out of the stadium. Philadelphia is more than just cheesesteaks, and in fact, boasts some delicious foods, especially in the area of South Philly. Many of the eateries also televise the games in the event you didn't hang around for the whole 9 innings, and most provide a relaxed and sporty vibe that encourages lingering over your food and enjoying your conversation.


Tony Luke's Old Philly Style Sandwiches

First-timers may ask, "What's an 'Old Philly Style Sandwich?'" The answer is right here, just a stone's throw from the I-95 over-pass. Tony Luke's has garnered accolade after accolade over the years, and its walls are adorned with the faces of celebs who've dined here and enjoyed every last bite of their Cheez-Whiz-covered steak and Italian pork sandwiches. Of course, the place has never ceased to connect with its more blue-collared customers – the reasonable prices and good-natured staff see to that. Stop in to sample a sandwich, grab a few sides, throw back a beverage or all of the above and leave happy.

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: Although there is a Tony Luke's at Citizen's Bank Park, you may need a bite before you head in or on before the game.

Sharon's expert tip: Don't go here thinking you're going to sit down inside. Seating is picnic table style and ordering is done at the appropriate window.

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This little South Philly gem has been referred to as one of the best kept secrets in the area. This incredible bakery puts out incredible bread options that can elevate any sandwich to new heights. They compliment their homemade baked goods with sandwich choices that are equally swoon-worthy. Don't leave without sampling the Roast Pork! This establishment is is easy on the pocketbook, as well as kind to the palate. It's also got some pretty delicious pizza and tomato pie slices(with white or whole wheat crust, cut in squares), as well as bagels, rolls, muffins, and breadsticks. Pull up a seat outdoors and enjoy yourself!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: A great sandwich starts with a great bread. When a place can get the bread right, you know you've found a winner.

Sharon's expert tip: You owe it to yourself to stop in for the incredible bread this place bakes up! Bring your sandwiches up a notch with Carangi's bread as the starter.

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Popi's Italian Restaurant

In addition to having their own parking lot, which is helpful anywhere in Philadelphia, Popi's offers guests a large bar and lounge, outdoor seating and a decent-sized banquet facility. Grab a seat by the windows and people watch, or sit near the bar and enjoy the ambiance. The decor is inviting, alcohol is served, the service is done with a smile, and the food keeps visitors coming back. From appetizers like fried calamari and clams casino, to salads and entrees like homemade ravioli, chicken marsala, and grilled lamb chops to dessert galore, Popi's has got you covered for a delicious Italian dinner in South Philly.

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: An all-around winner that combines attractive decor, an enjoyable ambiance, delicious Italian food and a convenient location near the Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Sharon's expert tip: Order the three-filet plate. It's a must-try!

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When sandwiches, burgers, fries and pizza won't do, Peking Inn satisfies your appetite for a change. This small local Chinese restaurant has delivered consistently good food for decades. The portions are plentiful, and the flavor is better! This is a great place to experience the tastes and smells of Chinatown while staying close to South Philly venues. Sink your fork into the Pu Pu Platter, sip a bit of the WonTon Soup, satisfy yourself with the Pork Lo Mein - whatever your fancy, they deliver, with quality ingredients and efficient service. Bring a few people or bring a group for a quick lunch or dinner before a game. It's a great place to break out of the mold of burgers and steaks!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: Sometimes you're in the mood for a change of pace, and Peking Inn is the place to mix it up with tasty, inexpensive Chinese dishes.

Sharon's expert tip: They have a full-service bar in the restaurant, so take advantage for an added treat to top off your meal.

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When you're in the mood for Italian food, Pastificio does not disappoint. Its got quality South-Philadelphia service coupled with good Italian-style food and a charm all its own. It's also got free on-site parking, which is a treat in the area. Regulars rave about the chicken cutlet diablo, the meatball parm, the choices at the deli counter and the mouth-watering breads! Within walking distance of the Philadelphia stadiums and close to the Navy Yard, this place offers a solid choice to anyone looking to grab a quick and affordable bit to eat. Sample their homemade pastas, sauces, meatballs and cheeses - satisfaction guaranteed!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: Pastificio is a solid choice for affordable, delicious food close to the stadium. Many homemade dishes make this place a true gem.

Sharon's expert tip: If you're a fan of spicy foods, bite into the Chicken Inferno for a treat that'll make you want to come back for more!

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Ahhh, the Penrose Diner! Nothing says comfort and home like good diner food,and the Penrose is no exception to this rule. Voted the best diner in South Philadelphia for 7 years in a row by the Reader's Choice Awards, this place knows what they're doing. Customers rave about the fast, friendly service and the down-home atmosphere as well as the consistently tasty food options. Whether you're headed here for breakfast,brunch,lunch, dinner or late-night, you'll have plenty to choose from! Topped off with a piping cup of coffee and you feel like you've come home! They're experts at small party service or can accommodate larger parties as well, so there's no excuse not to go to Penrose!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: A family-friendly atmosphere with good food that's close to Philadelphia stadiums, the airport, and many major highways with free on-site parking!

Sharon's expert tip: The french toast is a breakfast winner, or for lunch try the onion soup!

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A restaurant that has been serving its neighbors for more than 60 years has got to be doing something right. Celebre's Pizza knows what South Philadelphians (and anyone else smart enough to stop in for a bite)like. They offer up a variety of signature pizzas complimented with a soda or a cold beer if you so desire. Pair this with the ability to head to the game afterwards and you've got a winning deal! Celebre's offers both take-out and in-restaurant seating, so you can stay or go as your time dictates. Fans rave about the stromboli and the Pizzaz pizza, so make it a point to try one of them!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: A place with such a long and rich history of serving the locals makes it worth the trip in to fill up!

Sharon's expert tip: They're known for their Pizazz Pizza, and offer great vegetarian choices like the spinach and tomato stromboli! Be sure to order ahead on game days!

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This Citizen's Bank Park restaurant, named for the longtime Phillies Hall of Fame announcer, offers group seating as well as smaller party options. It is located on two levels, with the upper deck offering more patio-type seating, and the lower featuring sit-down service. Harry The K's is one of the most popular dining choices in the park, mainly because of it's sheer variety. The sit-down restaurant features everything from deep fried hot dogs, cheesesteaks, burgers, sandwiches, and paninis, to vegetarian options to great sides and more. Harry the K's delivers up your standard ballpark fare and more. Complimenting your meal are great options as far as beer, wine and frozen drinks, which is fantastic if you're not a big beer fan. The atmosphere is casual and lively, and it's a fine choice for dining before the ballgame.

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: When you're in the mood for food while at the ballpark and you want to sit down, Harry the K's offers the most menu choices.

Sharon's expert tip: Try the chili with beans, a favorite of the restaurant's namesake, Harry Kalas.

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Xfinity Live
Photo courtesy of Xfinity Live

If you're looking for a tad more upscale dining experience in the area of Citizen's Bank Park that's still casual and sporty, The Spectrum Grille will be right up your alley. This is the only restaurant in the complex that accepts reservations, although tables are usually easy to get if you stop in. It's a great place to grab a burger or sandwich with friends, neighbors or coworkers before a Philly sporting event. There's a bar here, plenty of TVs to catch the action, and a fun and lively atmosphere to keep you laughing. They also feature a notable wine list if beer is not your thing.

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: Great for groups whether you're headed to the game or not, enjoy a chance to kick your dining experience up a notch.

Sharon's expert tip: Reserve a table in advance and avoid any wait on game nights.

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Chickie's & Pete's South Philly
Photo courtesy of Chickie's and Pete's

With EPSN calling it the #1 Sports Bar in North America, Chickie's and Pete's has certainly had success pleasing people. This Philadelphia mainstay opened has been delivering great food, great atmosphere and great beer to Philadelphian's and visitors to Philadelphia for many years. Chickie's and Pete's also delivers on convenience, being within walking distance from Citizen's Bank Park and the Philadelphia Sports Complex. With plenty of tables, and TVs to catch the Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, Eagles and more, the sports bar is happening on game nights. Treat yourself to the crab cake burger, or the crab nachos! Or if you're feeling fancy, order the mussels. Then sit back and enjoy the game!

Recommended for Restaurants near Citizens Bank Park because: When you mention restaurants near the Philadelphia Sports Complex, Chickie's & Pete's fits the bill for atmosphere, good food, convenience and affordability.

Sharon's expert tip: The crab fries are a must-order!

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