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Things to do in Pittsburgh, PA


Get Your Bearings in Pittsburgh

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Hot Tips: Plan ahead when looking to score tickets to sporting events.

Avoid: Driving around during rush hour; Pittsburgh city roads are confusing to navigate.

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Take It or Leave It: Take a ride on the restored incline cars up the side of Mt. Washington, enjoy a date at the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto and ride back down after dark.

Be Sure to Sample: Primanti Bros. sandwich in the Strip District, pierogis.

Caution: Hot spots get crowded; arrive a little early so you're sure to get in.

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Avoid: Station Square for shopping. There are few actual shops in Station Square.

Best Local Souvenir: Steelers or Penguins gear, Heinz merchandise, Duquesne Incline memorabilia.

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Things to do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is known for...

Five of Pittsburgh's most unique features and characteristics.

1. People:

It's impossible to effectively discuss Pittsburgh without giving attention to its famously diverse and down-to-earth population. Every facet of the city's unique present day culture was shaped by the ethnic traditions of countless groups of immigrants from regions like Italy, Britain, Poland, and Lithuania. While the bulk of Pittsburgh's citizens are friendly and welcoming, if you've never experienced the local dialect ("Pittsburghese"), you may find yourself flailing through conversations. For a quick crash course, remember that yinz is plural for "you" (and that people from Pittsburgh are sometimes called Yinzers) and words like "downtown" are often pronounced more like "dahntahn."

2. Museums & Art:

Some of Pittsburgh's many museums and art installations are world-class institutions. The Oakland neighborhood is home to a series of Carnegie Museums, foremost among them the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art. Just around the corner from this, the Frick Art and Historical Center offers unique insight into the history of Pittsburgh's once-booming steel industry. The Andy Warhol Museum, in the Northside district, is a must-see for art-lovers and pop culture junkies alike. It features a boundless collection of Warhol's works, as well as a recreation of "the Factory" where he was headquartered for many years.

3. Rivers & Bridges:

Pittsburgh's long history is bound up intrinsically in the presence of its three rivers (the Allegheny, Monongahela, and the Ohio), which allowed for its formation in its earliest days, and for its post-industrial steel boom. Pittsburgh is also known as the "City of Bridges," owing to the fact that many assert it has more bridges than any city in the world (Venetians and Chattanoogans famously decry this claim, but locals are quick to dismiss them.) Many of the bridges feature stunning architecture and design, with some of the more famous being the West End Bridge, the Fort Pitt Bridge, and the Three Sisters.

4. Food:

Pittsburgh is a city whose culinary scene comprises the holy trinity of factors: it has an excellent dining scene that is robust but not touristy, they have an array of ethnic markets and locally-owned and operated grocers, and they have a handful of signature dishes. Primanti's is your best bet for a no-frills but exceptionally hearty and delicious dining experience; they serve a renowned sandwich piled high with fries and slaw. The Strip District is where you'll find the greatest concentration of ethnic eateries and one-of-a-kind markets. And the Bloomfield neighborhood is home to some of the most authentic Italian restaurants this side of the pond.

5. Seasons:

If you're looking for a city in North America that experiences four distinct seasons (think: not Miami or Alaska), head to Pittsburgh. Because Pittsburgh straddles humid continental and humid subtropical climate zones, it sees warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Although the seasons run through pretty much the whole gamut throughout the year, it rarely sees extreme weather conditions outside of the occasional blizzard during the winter. Because of the variation between (and, in the fall especially, during) the seasons, it's best to watch conditions closely as you pack your bags.