Smokin' Joe's Saloon


Not many bars on the South Side have the brew selection that Smokin' Joe's does, and those that do aren't nearly as affordable. It's no surprise, then, that the main draw is the beer selection, both drafts and bottles. Other amenities include...  Read More



Smiling Moose, located on bustling East Carson Street, caters to the hard rock crowd in Pittsburgh. Tons of free shows and well-priced beers keep the place busy during most of the week. The Moose also possesses one of the best rock and punk juke...  Read More

South Side
Tiki Lounge


Just when you start to think that all bars on the South Side basically look the same, along comes the tropical paradise that is Tiki Lounge. Thanks to faux bamboo and thatched roofs, the place looks like it was ripped off the coast of a...  Read More

Uncle Jimmy's


Most bars located in the Oakland area are packed beyond belief with college kids most nights of the week. Uncle Jimmy's is a different breed, acting more like a hometown tavern even while surrounded by places catering to hordes of thirsty...  Read More

South Side
Bar 11


Bar 11 is a nice little hole-in-the-wall located off the beaten path, and its main draw is a fun-loving atmosphere. Drinks come with toy-like tops, water guns, and miscellaneous plastic goodies. Also, highlighters are freely passed around so...  Read More

Strip District


Dimly lit with beer signs tacked onto blood-red walls, Gooski's is the coolest dive bar in the 'Burgh. Order anything from a bottle of Iron City to a glass of Lindemans Framboise at some of the best prices around town. The Pittsburgh City Paper...  Read More

Birmingham Bridge Tavern


With extensive draft and bottled beer options, local artwork, and live music, the BBT sits tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the South Side. Although it may sound trite, the BBT is the kind of bar where everyone really does know your...  Read More

Jack's Rose Bar


In a neighborhood packed with bars, Jack's draws crowds night after the night with cheap beer and a high energy atmosphere. Young, boisterous patrons raise mugs and voices, vying to be heard over the powerful sounds of rock and hip hop. Pool...  Read More